Weekly Update 1st October 2020

Weekly Update

October 1st, 2020

8KX Shipment Update

We were able to make all the outstanding shipments for headsets ordered before August 1st. A small number of orders that remain have been flagged as exceptions and these are still being processed. If you are among these don’t worry as this just means your order is being manually process to ensure it is correct. Orders flagged as exceptions often have an issue to resolve such as taxes, customs or have some other issue that must be resolved. In some of these cases, you may receive an email from us asking for more information.

*Stretch Goal Backer Box shipments

The KDMAS and Backer Boxes are now ready to go. We now have produced enough units for our backers who did not opt out of their stretch goals. We will begin deliveries of the Backer Box after we return from the Mid-Autumn break (more on that below). Initially, we will ship out the Backer Box’s that do not include Base Station 2.0’s. as we are currently transferring these from the warehouse to the Shanghai office.



Pimax Mid-Autumn Break

The Mid-Autumn break runs October 1st through October 10th but we have a small crew that will remain in the office during this time to maintain technical support and other services. Because of the greatly reduced staff you can expect slower response times until we return.

DMAS Production

The DMAS entered limited production and will begin shipment a bit after the KDMAS. We will advise further about this after we return from the break and that update will include photos and more information.

Pimax Experience

We launched the Pimax Experience open beta last week. You can expect rapid updates to this application and many new features in store so please keep an eye out for the latest version. We encourage you to test this new software as it is very popular. You can find and download the latest version using this link: Private Beta Build v0.50 - VR Mouse Interaction support, Window/FullScreen Mode + more!

Any bugs or issues, you can always post a thread for discussion.


Note: There won’t be a Weekly Update for the week of October 5th due to the break. The next update will occur the following week.

Thank you so much.
Your Pimax Team.