Weekly Update 21st January 2021

Weekly Update

January 21st, 2021

First DMAS Deliveries Begin Soon!

DMAS first batch exiting production and running tests on the driver. After that, we will entering the packaging phrase.

EDIT IMPORTANT NEWS (22nd January 2021) : Live update from Shanghai HQ, our engineer is running inspection on the speaker driver component. The expected shipment might cause a slight delay.

Please READ if you have a DMAS Upgrade on order

If you have a DMAS on order please create a ticket with the title “DMAS User Profile ” with the following information:

Your Order number: SO xxxx / P xxxx

Your Headset Model : 8KX / 8K Plus / 5K Plus / 5K Super / Artisan

Customer Name:

Your Home Shipping Address:

Contact Telephone Number:

If you have already received an email request from our helpdesk please respond using the above format and email title. In some cases this message may appear in your spam folder.

Affiliate Program Registration s Now Available

We are launching a new affiliate program that all our users can participate in. To sign up and begin earning please utilize the following link: https://affiliate.pimax.com/create-account.

If you have any questions about this exciting new program please send an email to ecommerce@pimaxvr.com .

60Hz Refresh Rate for the 8KX Native mode and 90Hz Upscale Mode Progress

We have received many requests for a 60Hz mode from 8KX users, so our engineers have integrated this new feature into the latest firmware update and this refresh rate is currently in final stage testing.

We expect to release the firmware within the next week. This mode is handy for movie watching and highly demanding software titles where you are attempting to trigger our Smart Smoothing.

90Hz Upscale Mode
In addition our firmware engineering team is working hard to add a 90Hz 8KX upscale mode as another refresh rate option. This version should begin testing after we release the new 60Hz mode.

Message for Any Backer who has not received their Backer Box

If you are a backer who has not received your backer box please make certain you have confirmed your address with us. Unfortunately the few boxes that remain to be shipped where backers *have confirmed their address add up to less than the minimum delivery volume requirement from our shipping carrier. Once we reach the minimum shipping quantity for the carrier we can proceed with shipment.
Here is the link to confirm your address if you haven’t done it already:

Important Unpaid Tax Notification

Our system has detected orders that have outstanding unpaid taxes from their local taxation authorities for items shipped from Pimax. All prices for any Pimax product excludes VAT and other taxes so responsibility for these taxes is borne by the customer.

To ensure the fastest possible package delivery to each customer’s door Pimax negotiated with Federal Express (FedEx) to deliver the package to *first and then deliver the taxation bill to us so we can inform you directly.

According to Customs law the VAT tax should be paid to the package destination tax office.

If you have received an outstanding tax balance notification from us we URGE you to select one of the following options:

1 ) If you have a FedEx account you can pay FedEx directly and they will pass on your tax payment to the taxation authorities or…

2 ) You can follow the link below to determine what the outstanding amount is and make a payment to allow Pimax to remit the amount to your taxation authority on your behalf.

If this notification is in error or you have already paid the outstanding balance please let us know immediately by providing proof of payment. Under the law you do not legally own the product while there is an outstanding balance owed to your taxation authority for the transaction. While we have no desire to work with authorities to resolve your case and notify credit reporting bureaus if this goes unresolved, we will be forced to do so. Please help us resolve your case as soon as possible.

Your Pimax Team