Weekly Update 22/04/2020

Weekly Update 22/04/2020

Pimax Weekly Update / April 22nd 2020


The 8KX electronics have now passed inspections and we have now proceeded to testing and certifying the lens module samples. Once we receive the test production the lens modules, we will assemble the first 8KX full production demo unit by 28th April.


Standard Modular Audio Strap

We are on schedule to complete the tooling for the Standard Modular Audio Strap this month (April) and begin producing small quantities of samples. At our upcoming online event we will include final details regarding the SMAS.

Deluxe Modular Audio Strap

The DMAS components remain about 45 days behind the SMAS. We have now sent our sample parts for full evaluation and determined some parts required some small revisions. These parts are scheduled to enter into tooling within the next 10 days.

Hand Tracking Module

We officially began tooling the hand tracking module on April 15th and the electronic samples are going through customs. The next step is to review with the team and check to see if any further modifications are needed.

Eye-Tracking Module

Our R&D team in collaboration with our partner redesigned the structure of the Eye-Tracking module. Once we have performed a review we can proceed to the tooling process. For the main PCB we are currently updating the design and stability of the USB-C port.

The Artisan is quite popular and is once again out of stock on our webstore. We are continuing to increase Artisan production volumes.

Comfort Kit

We are also continuing to increase the production rate for our popular Comfort Kits. In recent weeks we have been able to add more resources to the ramp up efforts. The increasing production rate should enable us to insure all orders are quickly fulfilled and allow us to make the Comfort Kit available on our website once again very soon.

Deliveries Status (Plan F)

Canada - 90% of the orders have been fulfilled
Australia - 80% of the orders have been fulfilled
Japan - 80% of the orders have been fulfilled
EU - 60% of the orders have been fulfilled
USA - 99% + of the orders have been fulfilled

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Your Pimax Team

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