Weekly Update 25th February 2021

Weekly Update

February 25th, 2021

DMAS Update

The production issues with DMAS have been resolved and we expect the first significant sized batch begin production the 2nd week of March with first shipments to begin 1 to 2 weeks later. We had hoped to ship DMAS prior to the Spring Festival but the production issue we previously mentioned prevented it.

Pimax Sword Controllers

Work continues on the Pimax Sword controllers. We recently completed important refinements to the engineering and have produced many stages of samples for product validation. The next step is samples of a near final version that will enter expanded wider testing. We are also in the buildup phase for various production components that will enable mass production.

Once we receive feedback from the wider testing we will post the results here.

Pimax Experience Beta 0.85 Right Around the Corner!

This version includes our first implementation of Cloud Profiles! This is probably the most hotly anticipated PE feature and initial release of this feature is finally here. This gives PE users the option to automatically pull game configuration from the cloud for a highly optimized game experience that previously could require lengthy trial and error sessions to achieve.

We expect to further expand this capability so that the bulk of configuration for the average user becomes a thing of the past.

This version should be available on our OPENMR forum late this week or early next week.

Hand Tracking Gemini beta V5 Developer Preview

The latest version of the hand tracking software is called Gemini and it is fully compatible with the Pimax hand tracking module. This new software can dramatically enhance hand tracking accuracy and also improves the algorithm used to discern the position of your hands when one hand is behind the other.
Developers can get the preview version of the new software here: https://www.ultraleap.com/company/news/blog/gemini-v5-preview/

Your Pimax Team