Weekly Update 25th November 2020 - Discussion

Let’s discuss the latest official Pimax update here.

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Personally I find it kind of astonishing that Pimax continue to sell the eye tracker in its current unusable state. This refers to the hardware, the firmware, and the software - none of which are working. Last progress update on the eye tracker has been like six weeks ago?


Still no DMAS???


Hmm… where can I find my promocode for Eye Tracking Module?
Some time ago the code was on some profile page, now I can’t find it.

Update #1
Nevermind, found it. :slight_smile:

Update #2
$30 delivery… holy sheep! Really? I’m out :frowning:

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John you might be interested in the topic I posted in other hmd oculus. A fellow there is using the BMR drivers used in Index on a Quest 2 mod. His work seems simple enough(and no extra amp seems to be needed)

The BMRs are under $10 :us:. Granted shipping for 4 of them economy ups doubles the price to Canada. :laughing:

At a guess pimax must need to look into the damping material mentioned to get the bass working correctly as he did.

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thx for the info,i will look into it…

But its unbelievable, i paid a long long long time ago for a full package(8kx with the DMAS)

Still after all this time the pimax 8kx is not complete!

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I have some questions about the hand tracking module

as backer is better purchased from

or from


EU store include tax and shipping? Is it shipped from China or Europe?

And how can I login at eu store? I can’t find any login button

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Yes a bit baffling. I did find the Kdmas can function decently as off ear. So with it mainly being a driver swap not sure what dufficulties they have ran intp save maybe needing the dampening material that was mentioned.

I would ask @Europe as he said in another thread. I believe in “eu redurect issues” that VAT was not included. So the EU store doesn’t seem to be full EU compliant.

Here is link on eu 8kx purchase

By the way where is that topic?

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See post above; posted a link in an edit. @mmorselli as well in case he missed it.

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