Weekly Update 25th November 2020

Weekly Update

November 25th , 2020

Pimax Controller Progress Report

We have been performing final stage design reviews utilizing parts that are built with temporary tools over the past 4 months. This progressed to a point where we have approved these parts to have permanent tools constructed. This type of tooling typically requires 30 to 45 days. Meanwhile the electronic assembly has progressed quite well and expected to be in a limited production phase when the permanent tools are complete. We will provide an additional update at CES 2021.

Hand Tracking Module Back in Stock!

Hand Tracking modules are back in stock in our warehouse and available for order!

Special Note: If you are a backer and have a 8K to 5K+ $100 coupon you can apply it in the order cart towards a hand tracking module.

For those located within the EU region you can click on this link to purchase the hand tracking module. For further information please read the terms and conditions prior to making the purchase.

Backer Box Deliveries

Our logistics team is working continuously to resolve delivery issues and make certain the backer box’s arrive at your doorstep. Only about 5% of backers remain who have not received their backer box and some of those haven’t yet verified their shipping address. Once again you must verify your shipping address to receive your backer box.

Russian Shipment Advisory

As you may already know we switched away from FedEx to a third party for shipments into Russian communities. This should resolve previous issues with shipments to those locations. These 3rd party shipments include the following items: headsets, accessories and the backer box.

If you are experiencing an issue with orders or delivery of a Pimax packing to your location please don’t hesitate to contact our helpdesk.

Eye Tracking Module Back in Stock!

Eye Tracking modules are back in stock again so if you have been waiting for them to appear back in the store now is the time to order! If you are interested in purchasing an Eye Tracking Module just click on the following link.

Special Note on Coupons: The only valid coupon for the Eye Tracking module is the coupon specifically labeled for Eye Tracking, no other coupons can be applied.

Pimax VR Experience version

For the latest version, please kindly proceed to this page. You may download the latest version and learn more about this version.
Shoutout to @SweViver and @arminelec for all these awesome works!

Your Pimax Team