Weekly Update 28th May 2020

Weekly Update May 27th 2020

  • 8KX Production


8KX Production began May 25th as expected. We have officially received all the required components from our supply partners and all internal tests were completed successfully. Two batch sets, first began the build on May 25 and the 2nd batch build is set for June 9th.

  • SMAS Production


We have successfully upgraded the material for the head slider of the SMAS and this part goes into production June 3rd in preparation for full SMAS production on June 8th. The new material is much nicer and more resistant to wear and tear. One other note about the SMAS is our testers had revealed that we could continue upgrading the quality of the bass and as a result we made significant improvements to the SMAS bass sound.

  • Deluxe MAS Deliveries Advisory

The SMAS will ship prior to DMAS shipments. In preparation for the DMAS we will produce a video on how to swap the SMAS speaker module for the DMAS module. Some orders who ordered DMAS will receive SMAS but most will receive the DMAS from the start.

  • Eye Tracking Module

We can report the schedule remains unchanged with no further delays for the Eye-Tracking Module. This item is still undergoing the tooling on the same schedule previously revealed that will be used to produce release candidate testing samples. The following image shows the final version of the Eye Tracking Module.


  • Hand Tracking Module


The schedule of the hand tracking module is remains unchanged with no further delays on the same schedule previously revealed and this device is still in tooling. The next version is the release candidate.