Weekly Update 31/03/2020

Weekly Update 31/03/2020

MARCH 31 st 2020, UPDATE

When will you get your base stations or/and controllers?

Some users have received their base station and controller bundles and other have not. What follows is some additional detail on the current status.

  1. Plan F stock at ShenZhen s warehouse

We have a very large quantity of Controllers and Base Stations from Valve. The numbers are sufficient to fulfill 100% of all outstanding Index Controller and Base Station orders.

For Users Located in the United States

Almost all deliveries are complete. If you have not received your Index base stations or Index Controllers please kindly PM us your Order Number.

For the users located within the EU.

We shipped enough sets of Plan F to our Marseille Warehouse.

Special advisory for the backers who ordered Plan F:

All bundles were supposed to arrive at the Marseille warehouse before March 27th but EMS is unpredictable these days and caused a minor delay. The packages have now arrived at Marseille, France. We will begin distributing these packages within 7 days.


For the users in the rest of world (Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand)

From the Hong Kong warehouse -

Service provider notification: Due to the impact of the epidemic, flights are restricted and New Post EMS has suspended service. They have not provided a new timeline to resume service so to avoid negatively affecting deliveries any further we have procured a different logistic service provider.

Shipment will be restored by this week and we will complete all remaining orders. (There are about 50 undelivered sets at present). It will require 1 to 2 weeks to reach your doorstep.

If there are any duties imposed from destination customs buyers are responsible for it.

  1. KS Base Station Delivery

For the backers who purchase base stations only OR a Pimax Controller and base station bundle but want to receive the base stations now:

At the moment there are Backers who have requested advance delivery of their set of base stations.

For the EU region : Due to the virus pandemic the local logistic services have been affected and increased the lead time.
For all other regions : The base station shipments will now originate from our Hong Kong and US Amazon (FBA) warehouses.

We are working hard to determine the best way to complete the shipments.

  1. 8KX Progress March 31 st , Update

In this attached photo you can see our 8KX PCB inspections that elaborate tests to ensure maximum quality. After we complete the inspections we will begin assembling and testing the first 100 units of full 8KX.

image image

  1. Comfort Kit

In addition to Comfort Kits that are manufactured for our Vision series headsets, comfort kits are currently under mass production that are intended for general sale. Each week we are now completing hundreds of Comfort Kits that will be made available for individual shipments.

  1. Stretch Goal

Based on the changed offer of stretch goal, we are now in the final discussion. The final update will be resolved by this week.

  1. PiTool (2020.3.24)

Looking for an easy way to optimize the performance with your Half-Life:Alyx
Pimax bring you the latest PiTool (2020.3.24 ) with recommended settings for Alyx!
This new version makes it fast and easy to bring out the best combination of visuals and frame rate for HLA!

Grab the latest PiTool here: https://www.pimax.com/pages/pitool

Best Regards,
Your Pimax Team

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