Weekly Update 3rd December 2020

Weekly Update

December 3rd , 2020

New Pimax Experience Release (Version .74 beta)

Many improvements which include new IPD adjustment tools, universal backlight control and a new color calibration tool! We encourage all Pimax headset owners to try out the new Pimax Experience software and check out all these improvements yourself!

Just follow the installation instructions here to get started:

5K Super NOW Available!

The 5K Super is now in stock and available for purchase. This new wide FOV headset includes many of the updates we have made over the last couple of years including the MAS (modular audio strap), the nose light leak guard, our special damage resistant housing and a number of NEW high refresh rate modes. These new modes increase the bar for high refresh rates at 160Hz and even include an experimental 180Hz mode! The 5K Super is fully compatible with Pimax accessories and both SteamVR Tracking version 1 and 2. Combine this with our new free Pimax Experience software and you will experience dramatically improved VR.

5K Super Introduction :

It’s 8KX! @OpenMR Contest Comes to an End

The contest is over but Stay Tuned as we will be releasing the names of the official contest winners December 4th.

We want to extend great thanks to ALL of those who submitted their amazing VR experiences. Congratulations to you all!

For Further information click here.


Exciting news about DMAS. We completed the production tests and they were all successful. Further the audio testing results were just stunning. We have scheduled official production with no further changes to begin in only a couple of weeks. Our teams can’t wait to read customer feedback for the DMAS.

For those who are unaware the DMAS is our “ultimate audio” version of the audio subsystem for the Modular Audio Strap (MAS). The MAS allows you to change out almost all the parts, to customize your experience. So far we have released multiple face foams, 2 cowlings and with the DMAS 3 interchangeable audio options.

Backers’ Lighthouse 2.0 (Base Station) Shipments

All remaining shipments of base station 2.0’s in stand-alone packages (where other items are already shipped, if any) will be transported via our domestic carrier.

If you have not yet received your base station shipment tracking number and would like upgraded shipment service using a faster carrier please create a service ticket that notes your backer number and your wish for faster shipment.

Upgrading the carrier and the transport type to express will incur some additional shipment charges.

6M Optical Cable for 8KX Now Available!

Our new upgraded 8KX optical cable is now available. This cable adds some length to the original cable and is more flexible than the standard cable. An additional benefit is this cable reduces the 2 USB port requirement to only 1 connected to your PC!

You can pick up one of these upgraded cables from the Pimax Store for $119 here:

Your Pimax Team