Weekly Update 5th November 2020

Weekly Update

November 5 th , 2020

  1. Original 8KX Backer Advisory

We know we keep bringing this up but there are still backers who have not responded and have not returned the loaner headset. If you have a loaner headset and wish to return it (or choose to keep it) you must contact us to make arrangements or you will not receive your 8KX headset. To do this please create a support ticket so we can discuss the required steps with you as soon as possible!

  1. Backer Box Tracking Number s

You should have received your tracking numbers for the stretch goal / backer box recently and in some cases inputting the number into the carriers site returns only limited information.

Rest assured these are real shipping labels that we purchase and create full customs documentation for and more. In some cases, the courier has limitations on the number of packages they can pick up to some destinations on a daily basis. In some other cases the customs paperwork must obtain clearance before the tracking number displays more detailed information.

For more information, you may wish to read this post :

  1. VAT and Duties Advisory

We have previously published an announcement on this subject but found out there are still questions from our community. If you need additional clarification, please speak with our helpdesk staff and they will be happy to assist you.

  1. It’s 8KX! @OpenMR Contest

We have extended the entry date until November 26 th , 2020 , you may register and submit your work on OpenMR.
The grand prize is a brand NEW RTX 3090!

To read more about the contest please click this link:
(8KX! Contest @ OPENMR)

Don’t miss your chance to enter the contest today!