Weekly Update 8th January 2021

Weekly Update

January 8th , 2021

Deluxe Modular Audio Strap Shipping Date Announcement

The first batch of packaged DMAS is in production this month and the first small batch is expected to ship by the end of this month with an additional shipment early within the following month. The performance turned out great and we expect customers will agree that this lives up to being flagship level audio.
We will start to deliver the DMAS components to our customers who have purchased it and received the SMAS earlier on along with the headset.

Our plan is to manufacture and fulfill all existing DMAS orders placed before this month prior to the CNY holiday. As a result it won’t be long at all before customers considering DMAS can read all about it from customers who have received it. We are very excited to see what people say.

Pimax Controller Progress

We are still in the tooling and tooling modification phase for the housings of the Pimax controllers. We are quite far along with the design and manufacturing preparation process, but these are not quite ready to show the public just yet.

Pimax XR Low Brightness Solution

We have a new firmware the resolves the brightness issue with the OLED XR. While this new firmware can operate with any version of Pitool we do suggest installing the latest Pitool.
If you wish to have the firmware download link, please kindly request it from @PimaxQuorra

New Pimax 8KX Beta Firmware Update

This new beta firmware improves brightness and image quality.

You can download this version of firmware via this link


Pimax at CES 2021


We are joining the CES Virtual Event 2021. The event starts from 11th - 14th January 2021 and held on CES platform. We will reveal more information soon.

Your Pimax Team.