Weekly Update is BACK! (Updated on 2020/01/13) Discussion

Couldn’t find a discussion thread for the weekly update, so created this one.

So a new update on the weekly update, there was a bit new info in it.


For me personally I still have questions on the Deluxe MAS.

Deluxe MAS Audio Driver Hardware - Will be similar to Index but uses a driver that is commonly considered superior to the Tectonic BMR.

What does that mean? What cup design are you going to do, Index-style, on-ear or over-ear?
I want something that closes me of from the world and doesn’t leak sound to everyone else, if I wanted that I could just get the Standard MAS. @PimaxQuorra


indeed i want over the ear,i dont want to have any mic bleed.

A big part of vr is to communicate in game with each other.

So a good mic,and over the ear quality headphones is the best way to go…


Hello XabbuSwe,

If you are looking to enjoy the sound without any disturbance from outside world, you may consider the Deluxe MAS, as the Standard MAS will be on-ear speaker.

Which means the Deluxe MAS Audio will have a better overall performance. The design will be look alike Index-style but will over-ear speaker.



Why are you even comparing it at all to the index sound at all then? It sounds like it’s more similar to rift cv1 sound than index.

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One Thing I did not read out ouf the News,

  • if some one ordered the 8K with the DAS, will they also first get the HMD and then later the D-MAS just as with the S-MAS?

(Hmm should have made a Special X-MAS last month :wink: )


Hello @PimaxQuorra,
Thanks for the update.

Will you poll backers to get their final choice regarding MAS vs DAS, confort kit and eye tracking?

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Sorry @PimaxQuorra. I bought two comfort kits. Will it be possible to select if I want one of them in leather version?


Pimax have made a great jump with Pimax 8K X

What beautifull stand had Pimax at ces 2020
What beautifull computers had Pimax at the stand
the presence of SWEVIVER

And the effect of all these efforts were great reviews
and the Awards given to Pimax 8K X
people ordering Pimax 8K X


PS this is a discussion. Only to understand. I Do not see oculus, valve, htc making things like this.


Could you be more specific without the capital letters: what is it exactly that you’re upset with?


If you (Pimax) are unlucky and after you send for example 10 Pimax 8KX to backers

one do not work and two works (three reviews), the others do not write anything

then you have oculus, valve fans speaking bad of Pimax on internet until next batch

instead, i understand there are backers who wants their headset as soon as possible, but if pimax

send all 400 headsets (they are less) to backers at late march they have all the time to make their things well,

including MAS, asking who wants the deluxe mas etc


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So, have any Plan Effers received tracking info this week?

Hello MReis,

Indeed. If you ordered 8K with the Deluxe MAS, you will first get the HMD and then followed by the Deluxe MAS.


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Only 400 people backed 8K-X.

I would imagine at the moment the 1st 8K-X backers who receive tracking notifications on shipping, will be backers number, around 0-20.

For everyone else from number 20-400, it would be more realistic to expect February to April that their 8K-X headsets (backers) are shipped, as they have to be physically made and tested first, which all takes time.


X will likely be shipped starting from lowest backer # or even those whom chose to keep their loaner(s).

The initial “weekly announcement” was not properly explained and has been partially corrected by Kevin after a meeting yesterday with the team.

The plan is to ship a small first batch (10-20 units) to some of the 400 8KX backers. Thats all we can do before Chinese New Year holiday starts. As you may know, the New Year tradition in China is a big thing for every single Chinese citizen, and we cant simply skip that. Once the holiday is over, the production starts again follwed by manual tests of each unit which then starts to ship to fullfil the rest of the 400 backers, probably in late February or beginning or March. From that point, the manufacture process scales up and more units gets ready for shipment every week. At this point, we cannot give you a specific number for each batch, but we are certainty sure that during late March or April we should be able to start the shipments fulfilling the preorders.


Regarding the first small batch, yes we are following the backer number order, but to a certain degree. We have limited time to fulfill the first batch and get it shipped, so we will have to prioritize US/EU backers over - lets say Lybia - (hehe yeah we have backers in many of these restricted countries) or other difficult countries to ship to, like in the middle east. All this is made to make sure we can actually deliver these first units relatively fast without any hassles. We have had many issues in the past when shipping to all kinds of countries around the world, so we know already which ones might be tricky.


I thought the standard MAS was a speaker that is above the ear? Either way, I upgraded to Deluxe strap. So is this confirmation that the headphones are over the ear as in they encompass the entire ear?

No, this is clearly a case of non-native English speaking rearing its unfortunate head. The standard MAS is above the ear, as you stated, and there is 0% chance that has or will change.

The context gives that away as well…

If you are looking to enjoy the sound without any disturbance from outside world, you may consider the Deluxe MAS, as the Standard MAS will be on-ear speaker.

In other words, he’s saying if you don’t want any noise leakage you need the deluxe MAS because the sMAS will be above the ear (i.e. a poor translation of on-top?). He also calls the dMAS an “over-ear” speaker, which is a more apt translation.

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Good call, thanks. For the deluxe, I can’t see how big the actual cups are. Are they supposed to be the size that rest on your ear or are they the larger ones that totally go around your ear? Sorry for the question.