Weekly Update May 14th 2020

Weekly Update May 14th 2020

Pimax May 14th 2020 Weekly Update

  1. Standard Modular Headstrap


After we completed a few rounds of performance testing we discovered some new minor issues with the SMAS. Our R&D team slightly adjusted the SMAS in a few areas to resolve the issues.

The good news is the issues turned out to be so minor this did not affect the schedule. The modified parts were not difficult to slot into the production and we will still move this to the production pilot stage (with enhanced numbers of devices).

  1. Deluxe Modular Audio Headstrap

We found that for the DMAS a minor issue with the audio cable has the possibility of forming micro fractures. We are working with our cable partner to make a change to the design that prevents this issue from forming. Since this change is only with the cable assembly the effect on the DMAS timeline should be on time.

You may check the attached picture. This is the latest design of the Deluxe MAS design structure.

  1. Eye Tracking Module


We completed the new design of the eye tracking module and the new version officially entered tooling April 30th. This version has thinner bezels among other things. While this version retains the ability to work with prescription lenses the thinner structure does limit the level of correction. (We will provide more information on this aspect of the module at a later date).

We will receive the next set of samples roughly on June 5th and they will begin the testing cycle. The test will require about 2 weeks before moving to a larger production process test.

The full production test is planned to commence on July 10th. These are the first devices that have the potential to be released to the public once they pass QA and QC testing. We estimate we will be able to make the first 30-50 sets of eye tracking devices available to customers in July.

  1. Hand Tracking Module


After the Labour Day holidays the new version of this module’s housing went into tooling. This is the wide FOV version that allows hand detection both vertically and horizontally than the FOV of the headset. Once we test this new version for issues we can proceed to the T0 production where we test to insure no issues are present.

  1. 110Hz Firmware on 8K Plus

We are now internally testing a version 110Hz firmware that should be fully compatible with both the latest Windows 10 Update and the most recent Nvidia driver update.

We have taken note of the list of those of you who are interested in testing the new 110Hz mode. We will PM each of you on the forum with a download link.

  1. Delivery Advisory

To get more information on this, please click on this link - Pimax Headset and Accessory Delivery Advisory

  1. 8KX Production

We can report the schedule remains unchanged for the 8KX with a May 24th start date for the production scale pilot and YES it will still include the SMAS and the Comfort Kit.

Your Pimax Team.