Weekly Update May 14th / 21st, 2020 Discussion

Weekly Update May 14th / 21st, 2020 Discussion

It is also supposed to be better due to the MAS.

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But i used the htc vive audio strap with the pimax8kplus and comfort kit…but it didn’t help a bit… I need to be far closer to the lenses.

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It would be so great if the “Normal FOV” selection would allow us to go for 90Hz without scaler. You could have 4K-ish PPI at 90Hz. Who else can do any of that? Pure bandwith-wise of Pixels/s that fits. 90Hz is really that certain barrier to catch for some, because they want to avoid nausea for fast rotational movements - for example when playing shooters like Pavlov, Onward, HLA, etc.

Anyway, great News regarding the Comfort Kit’s thin cushion option. I was someone who had problems with the thick one. Also, that Pimax delivers on its promise of modularity for the speakers - that’s fantastic. I can receive the 8KX I have ordered in October with the normal MAS soonish, and receive the Deluxe Speakers to mount later - when the design is ready and has been abused enough over and over again in QA to match the premium price, whatever they see fits. That is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you!


In the update it states… " it also allows certain 5K+ to run in 144Hz mode" - I’ve been out of touch with my Pimax for a while but can someone tell me why this mode only works on certain 5K+… and let me guess, the 5K+ which backers received are the ones that don’t work with this mode right?

I also noticed in the new update… Pimax is no longer offering Plan F… I placed an order for Plan F on May 13… looks like I did it in a knick of time… but is there any word about how long now I’ll have to wait to receive the kit?

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So the SMAS has a 10 day delay…and Pimax is now taking the position of sending the SMAS together with the 8kx so basically that means the 8kx has a ten day delay as well. Why wasn’t this mentioned? You keep throwing dates out…and you blow past every single one of them.

For the love of god just stop throwing random dates around, it does nothing but destroy your credibility. Does Pimax even care about how they are seen in the VR community?

Pimax day 3 WILL NOT be held in May either I can guarantee you that. Another passed deadline. Another missed mark. Same with shipping people their lighthouse before the 15th of May and so on and so forth.


That’s not how it works.

The 8KX is probably the throttling item during the picking anyway. All posts have indicated that.

That means a delay in just the SMAS is irrelevant and won’t stall 8KX orders a single day. It just means that if you wanted to purchase the SMAS as a single item, then you’d probably be affected.

But if they are shipping the 8kx and the SMAS together and the the SMAS was delayed by 10 days a mere 3 days before mass production was scheduled to begin(24th) how would that not effect the 8kx shipping schedule?

If only there was somebody who could clarify such things…


The fact that @PimaxUSA and @PimaxQuorra are dodging questions means either no one knows or they are too embarrassed to say what’s happening and I can’t decide which is worse.

Honestly I’m trying to be somewhat positive about this whole thing but it seems like the best way to deal with Pimax is pretend you never had contact with them and periodically check once every 3 months.


I mean at this point, even if there is a 10 day delay does it really matter all that much? You’ve already all been waiting for months (or even years at this point), so what’s 10 more days?

Also the reason they’re probably avoiding saying anything is while they have their own internal target dates and such, manufacturing/engineering/software development aren’t certain in how long they’ll take to complete. We’ve seen what happens when they carelessly give their target dates without fully accounting for all the potential delays, so I’m sure they’re swinging to the other end of hiding all prospective dates until they’re confident in them. Something that basically doesn’t happen until its finished.

Just my 2 cents, I suppose.


Thats all fine and dandy if it didnt happen on a weekly basis. We get new target dates with each weekly update and every single one of them is wrong.

As for your “its just another 10 days” lol well 10 days becomes 20 then 30 its not a 1 time thing. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Also 10 days could be the difference between me getting the headset before I leave on a 6 month deployment to the middle east. Which could mean the difference between the headset sitting out on my front porch in the elements for weeks. Pimax doesn’t like to actually TELL people when they ship things so I will most likely have no knowledge of it being delivered. The SAME thing happened to my backer headset, I was deployed and it sat on my porch and got rained on and could have been stolen. I only found out about it by chance from a neighbor. It had water spots all over it, luckily it wasn’t ruined.

So yeah, its a big deal to me. My deployment is in July, if I knew 7 MONTHS AGO that a product that Pimax assured us was only a few months from delivery is still a complete mystery as to if and when it will ever be delivered I never would have even bothered.


maybe they can begin production but wont send out for 10 days after it, so basicaly they will have a back order amound ready for day 10+ of send outs


Probably not, but the truth is more like it’s been 3 months + 3 months + 6 months + 2 months + 10days + 80days + 60days + 15days + 25days + 10 days + 14 days + 3 months + 10days + 25days + 10days.

At this point the credibility of the 10 days is probably at the all time low. But I guess 10 days doesn’t matter anymore.


Pimax are based in Shanghai, but will likely source unique parts and rely on people that are outside the area making it challenging to obtain materials now at a normal speed, especially if employees are off sick or worse.

China now has another outbreak in various zones. 100 million are in lockdown, and in China specifically, lockdown is brutal - nothing like in the West.

Shanghai schools are only partly re-open, the film festival is cancelled and tourists in Disneyland there are under big restrictions. Life is not as it was.

Expectation of Pimax sticking to a project schedule during a global Pandemic is unrealistic because many factors are now out of their control, such as new outbreaks affecting the mail system and employees being able to travel and parts needing machines that might be in factories that are suddenly closed. Cluster outbreaks can occur at any city or time globally, probably for the next 10 years, depending on how it mutates and if it becomes weaker or stronger over time.


Chinese chief Scientist has warned SARS-COV-2 is likely going to be with the world forever now.

New GPU’S are out around September-October. I’d aim for around then to receive your Kickstarter yet to be mass produced products, and in the meantime, save up for a 3080Ti/AMD equivalent and try and stay healthy and safe because health, is all that matters, not a plastic and rubber VR headset that may or may not take 3 years to complete the flagship model.


Woohoo the 8kx Starts production today so Pimax should have a heap of headsets to send when they sort out the MAS production next week .


Kind of annoyed that’s there’s only 1 week left in the month and pimax day STILL hasn’t even been announced. You can’t just announce something and spring the event on people the same day. Cmon


Woohoo 8kx looking to arrive before plan F yay

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A bit late reply, but may I ask in which direction the angle changes, upwards or downwards?


Also, did the angle change in front, back, or both?

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And what about the MAS/DMAS compatibility with the 8k series, as the MAS/DMAS supposedly use two audio inputs? @PimaxUSA