Weekly Update May 21st 2020

Weekly Update May 21st 2020

Weekly Update May 21st 2020

8KX Production

We are continuing to produce samples and test the 8KX. No new issues have arisen with the headset and will continue the process. Our plan is to ship 8KX together with the SMAS and two sizes of foam that fit the Comfort Kit. Some of you will be very impressed with the shape, size and comfort of the new foam option.

SMAS Production

Our testing team pointed out an issue with the material that makes up the slider that runs between the front and back of the MAS. After numerous uses this material can quickly show marks, scratches and other wear marks. We decided to go ahead and upgrade the material of that component. Since this uses the same tool the change will require 10 days.

Plan F Availability

Plan F is now no longer available. We will continue to process any remaining existing Plan F upgrades and increase our efforts with those who have not yet received their package.

Pitool Update

We have a new version of Pitool in testing that contains a number of bug fixes and requested improvements. This version includes optimizations for controller tracking when there are very rapid movements, it resolves known problems where HMD would not upgrade the Firmware automatically, it also allows certain 5K+ to run in 144Hz mode and it updates the hand tracking integration and more. We will release more detailed information once this is released.

Eye Tracking Module

We can report the schedule remains unchanged for the Eye-Tracking Module. This item is still undergoing the tooling process that will be used to produce release candidate testing samples.

Hand Tracking Module

The status of the hand tracking module is the same and this device is still in tooling. The next version is the release candidate. To prepare for this exciting phase we have included updates in Pitool that are required for the release candidate testing.