Weekly Update May 9th 2020

Weekly Update May 9th 2020

Weekly Update May 9th 2020

  1. 8KX Update

Prior to the 5 Day Chinese National Labour Holiday we assembled 30 sample 8KX units for testing. These internal samples went through rigorous testing to determine if any further changes or modifications are needed. The high level of testing were fully integrated 8KX that included the headset, comfort kit and SMAS. We did uncover some small issues that are typical on small production runs such as these.

We were satisfied with these tests enough to proceed with the next step on May 24th when we will start building headsets for the full production scale pilot. The extra testing of the headset and final modifications have allowed us to synchronize this next batch to fully include all the parts – Headset, Comfort Kit and SMAS. All of these units are slated to be shipped to backers. These photos shows a fully packaged 8kX with the CK and SMAS.



  1. Pimax Sword Update

The MAS has occupied a high percentage of our engineering and production teams development time. Once MAS full scale production has stabilized, we can resume production level R&D for the Pimax Sword and Sword Sense controllers. We will slowly release more details on the Sword progress over the course of the next few months.

  1. KS Base Station Deliveries

The Base Stations are now being delivered to our Backers. If you have not received your tracking number please kindly wait for it as we are arranging all remaining shipments. If you have any questions regarding these deliveries please kindly contact our support team and we can provide further details on your specific order. (https://support.pimax.com/en/support/home)

The 5 day holiday caused some backlog on response time but we are rapidly catching up.

  1. 110Hz refresh rate for the 8K Plus

For the 8K Plus running at 110Hz, our software engineers are working on the firmware. We already had several internal pre-releases for this firmware and it was testing quite well. But when the latest Nvidia driver update was released we received reports from testers that on some PC’s it can be unstable.
We DO have a tentative firmware for 110Hz that we can provide on a limited basis to our users.
If any of you are interested to give the pre-alpha a try let us know.

  1. Order Status / Shipping / Technical Issue

If you are looking for an update on your order or are struggling with any technical issue (hardware or software) you must first submit a ticket on our Support System at: (https://support.pimax.com/en/support/home).

If you have a ticket that remains unresolved please post the request along with ticket number on the Pimax Support Forum (https://store.pimaxvr.com/forum/pimax-forum-3).

Our support team is ready to provide assistance and get your problem resolved.

OpenMR will slowly clear out the support category.

If you are experiencing an urgent issue OR Support does not respond for 48hours you may send a message to Quorra directly on the OpenMR forum. She is ready to solve any outstanding problems.

Thank you again for your support. We really appreciate it!

Your Pimax Team

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