What about our own VR mirror?

As we know, SteamVR mirror is broken last 10 months, and cant be used for high quality videos. What about our own mirror from Pitool driver? For streaming and capturing. With mixed eyes mode (like SteamVR mirror) will be nice :slight_smile:

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have you not been using the openvr plugin in obs?

Of course, if we had OpenHMD support, we could access its framebuffers, and use that with SteamVR.

I have been thinking the same myself for a while. Actually just having read/write to Pimax framebuffers and tracking data would let us create OVRDrop (Virtual Desktop) overlays on top of any sort of other compositor/app like SteamVR.

That is exactly what is not working. Especially with anything remotely high performance like DCS World. >_>

i’ve only used it with phasmophobia but it worked easy and well for that

The mirror refresh rate is adaptive. Even though its performance impact is trivial and its functionality is crucial for some users, a SteamVR update basically made it drop to terrible refresh rate whenever frame latency was high.

That would not have been a problem if Valve respected their ‘advanced users’ enough to add a checkbox to revert to the previous functionality when needed for recording or diagnostics.

So if you have not used it with something high performance like DCS World, then you have no idea what the problem is.

For about a year now, myself, SweViver, probably every VR YouTuber, has been, well, how can I put this delicately? Not helped by Valve, again?

OBS Plugin use SteamVR mirror. Its really same thing. OBS Plugin crappy fps like in SteamVR mirror window. But game have great fps same time.

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