What are your favorite VR games?

What are your favorite VR games and why?
Are there under-appreciated or overlooked games you recommend?
What games are you most looking forward to in 2020?

I got an 8K primarily for Elite Dangerous, as many of you already know. I explore space to unwind and listen to music, which is more of a pass-time than playing a game. I also play Assetto Corsa and watch occasional movies in VR.

I’m looking forward to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new tech is looking pretty awesome.


Pavlov, for reliving old school CS in VR.
Assetto Corsa
Project Cars
Dirt rally
Got the USB handbrake from AliExpress to go with the g29 and it’s awesome. Though the last year i was mainly exploring and sorting out all the different VR games that were released since 2016 to see how they are and perform. And also struggling to get a flawless vr setup :laughing:
And of course waiting for a complete Pimax :joy:
KAT Loco and Pavlov seems to be the combination with my second hand CV1 that i will invest some more time in, the coming weeks. But i have to work on my stamina :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
However it’s great together :+1:

Also overclocking the 8700k and 1080ti took me some time to push them to stable limits.


Adding to mindscan’s list - Warthunder. Its free to play if you don’t mind lowest tier playing (which is my favorite anyways, avoids all the pay to win shi* or the ludicrous grinding to unlock stuff). Great vr support, and just well done overall.

And if you have vorpx, with some tweaking, left for dead 2 is a ton of fun in VR. I use an xbox controller for it.

Don’t have a Pimax headset yet since 8kx isn’t shipping yet, so have only used rift cv1 and index to play these games and those listed by mindscan, but can’t wait to make the jump into wide FOV vr gaming.


I’ll say that VR is undoubtedly getting better, but the content isn’t quite there for me yet to use it all the time. I always liked the middle ground games with scale and depth, but not so much arcade or simulation. One of my favourite games companies was Bullfrog - Magic Carpet, Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate etc, still looking for the modern day equivalent, VR or not. Combined with limited ability to set up for room scale, it’s not as easy as the pancake days!

Elite - VR gives it more life for sure and the main one I can always come back to
Boneworks, room scale setup issues aside. Limited replayability though.
Skyrim, haven’t played for months though. Limited VR implementation but at least there’s a big world
VTOL VR - VR genius, will definitely play more I don’t have the skills yet
Aircar - great for a quick sci fi ambient experience
Onward - best with a gunstock but I don’t have the adaptors for the Index controllers. Closest thing to Arma VR
DCS - just don’t have the time to make progress, prefer VTOL for the VR experience
Assetto Corsa - brief testing only but not bad
Gorn / Superhot - fun for a blast
Subnautica - amazing pancake, shame about the VR implementation
Lone Echo - amazing game / experience
Hellblade VR - setup issues, haven’t really tried it
Fallout VR - haven’t even dared to install that monster yet :wink:
Asgard’s Wrath and Stormland in future
Still looking at Star Citizen via VorpX hehe. Could be the best visuals I’ve seen in VR, IF I can get it working…
Edit: surprise discovery thanks to Brzijoe - Seeking Dawn. Like Subnautica with guns, single player
/ co-op flexibility, impressive visuals, and very high quality VR implementation. Feels like something you can really get stuck into, but waiting for 8KX before doing too much!


The games I spent most time in are

  • ball games: Eleven: Table Tennis VR, Holoball and (even though completely different still a ball game): Marble Montain
  • futuristic racing: Redout, Distance and (less futuristic, still cool): TrackMania Turbo
  • everything spaceship game related, like Elite Dangerous, No Man’s Sky, X Rebirth VR
  • 6dof dungeon flight games: Overload, Descent Underground (was beta testing both)
  • puzzles like fantastic contraption or The Talos Principle VR

If I could only keep three: Probably Table Tennis first, Redout second and Holoball third.

Haven’t bought new VR games in a while…


Stormland, Raw Data, Project Cars 2, Lone Echo, Robo Recall, The Climb, Tetris Effect, Takelings, Doom VFR, Beat Saber, No Mans Sky, Irrational Exuberance, Space Pirate Trainer, Thumper, and Lethal VR.


Most of the Oculus exclusives - Asgard’s Wrath, Stormland, Lone Echo/Echo Arena, Robo Recall, From Other Suns. I’ve also enjoyed Moss, Astrobot, Blood and Truth, Ghost Giant on PSVR. And there’s some good Steam games like Skyrim, Batman Arkham VR, No Man’s Sky, Rec Room.


Asseto corsa
Dcs world edition,
Asgard’s Wrath and Stormland
lone echo


Descent brings back memories! Will have to try these new ones :+1:


I play most of what has been mentioned plus 2 faves. In Death and Rush. Also spending much time in Dirt Rally 2 these days.


Have fun! Overload is great if you want the original Descent feeling. It is from the original Descent team, they just don’t have the license for the name.
D:U cannot be bought atm. as they have trouble with their publisher. Signs are good that it still comes out eventually. They tried to bring in some new elements like ships with different strengths and weaknesses, the ability to upgrade your ship over time, different “tiers” of ships (that get unlocked over time), several multiplayer game modes etc.


The Talos Principle VR
The Solus Project


The VR games ive spent the most time playing are in order of playtime:
Elite: Dangerous - space sim, upwards of 2000 hours.
Anyland - creative social sandbox, just over 1500 hours.
Fallout4VR - postap rpg/fps, around 300 hours.

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