What can you anticipate from Pimax Frontier?

Dear all,

What do you think Pimax Frontier will bring?
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I would love to see integrated eye tracking with well functioning DFR that tracks properly, this would open up a bunch of possibilities. That’s my #1 thing. Coupled with aspheric lenses on any new HMDs and something kind of like a high res version of the artisan, that is it has the “normal” FoV as the biggest one but has more densely packed pixels for even higher clarity than the 8k X, those would be cool to see.

With how the rumor mills going, I’d love to see some kind of split rendering thing or perhaps even varifocals. You guys are seriously talking up this event with all the teases and terms going around, so expectations are definitely high.


Hopefully lens/ipd improvements to fix the blurry in one eye….as I stare at my twice used 8kx thats useless to me because I can’t focus….


Now, the VR 3.0 Era has finally arrived.

With that statement in the other thread I would expect a smaller, lighter and wireless headset.
Or a cool feature that fully eliminates motion sickness for everyone.


Wireless add on module for existing hmd and/or a new wireless hmd with your best display yet.


I think we will see low latency, high bandwidth wireless in a partnership between Pimax and Qualcomm


You’ll have to wait to hear my thoughts in my interview. I can’t share them yet. :wink:


I wich it will be Wireless! The principal imersive issue.


Nice too see more community members got invited :slightly_smiling_face: I sadly had to decline thanks to the deadline, but as I’m camera shy as hell that might be a good thing
Can’t wait to hear all of you guys thougts


I’m not camera shy, but I’m not photogenic either. I don’t don’t usually make videos, so it took way more time than I expected to get a reasonable result.


But you look great in the video! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I also hope for wireless! That is what prevents me from using my 5K much more…


Let’s give it a try here.

If it has to be VR 3.0, there must be a real gap in those features in my opinion :

  • Step up (again) in resolution, target is “human” resolution.

  • Eye tracking with DFR embedded (solution to balance the “powerless” of current GPU regarding the high demand from VR). Otherwise increasing resolution is pointless.

  • Better lenses to maximize full potential of wide FOV (sweet spot and less distorsion).

  • All the above feature available wireless.

  • No current feature lowered (like FOV especially)


I doubt this will happen, but my dream is a wireless 120hz 8KX with OLED displays, varifocal lenses with no god rays as well as improved clarity, no audio (I use earbuds), increased vertical FOV, and a lot of weight reduction. if you could get something like that to a total weight of under 500g (including a comfortable rigid headstrap with a counterbalance) i think it would be worth at least $2,000…


Since VR enthusiast craving for the advanced VR technology and expirience while wishing for more immersion.

I hope that pimax will try to go extend the user exp. with more equipment while still trying to fix common vr problems like lense problems and many more things!


Lightweight & comfortable is my #1 hope for future vr hmds, I hope for improvements towards that are coming.

Good wireless is my 2nd. So sick of wires, even when not in use.

3rd is improvements to lenses and better ipd setup.

Looking forward to the 25th where you nail all 3! :slight_smile:


Revolutionary lens technology as well as new eye tracking.


I hope for considerably more user friendliness over pure technological leaps :+1:t4:


I hope it will bring one of these two headsets!

Headset 1: 8KX Generation 2

  1. Displays to move with lenses when adjusting hardware IPD knob for extra PPD and panel utilisation (up to 100% panel utilisation up from around 77-78%) using extra space from the 8KX smaller 5 inch displays in the same housing (vs older 5.5 and 6 inch displays of the OG 8K and 5K+)
  2. Extreme IPD mod to allow lenses to move close enough together to touch for users as low as 55mm IPD without using software IPD offset.
    (Check here https://amp.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/bq4q8f/extreme_ipd_mod/ )
  3. Eye relief mechanism to bring lenses closer or further from eyes for more fov and easier adjustment like Index.
  4. 3d Audio in partnership with Valve .
  5. Dual fresnel layered lens with larger sweet spot and in partnership with Valve, with less magnification, less distortion, more 3D stereoscopy, without sacrificing too much FOV.
  6. DP 2.0/HDMI 2.1 for 120hz native 4k potential
  7. Eyetracker and handtracker to work without using pc tether cables by using headset ports.
  8. Controllers, basestations and wireless sold together with the 8KX refresh in a bundle.
  9. Fix the MAS hinges rotation problem preventing people from fitting headset properly when using MAS.
  10. No more wasted pixels and no more need for Hidden area mask setting in Pitool and much less waste of performance.
  11. Full RGB or even Pentile RGB OLED model/SKU if possible.
  12. Stacked displays like Varjo uses if possible

Headset 2: Super Artisan/Artisan Vision/6K Artisan

  1. 140-160 horizontal fov large fov mode (a bit larger than the 140 degrees of the current Artisan)
  2. (3k X 3k) horizontal and vertical pixels per display, or (3k X 2k) resolution displays, in each eye
  3. 90hz or 120hz without upscaling
  4. 100% panel utilisation for less SDE than reverb G2
  5. Greater IPD range
  6. New lenses with less distortion, less magnification, more 3D stereoscopy, without sacrificing too much FOV.
  7. OLED display option or SKU if possible.
  8. Stacked displays like Varjo uses if possible.
  9. Wireless module compatible

SO Pimax 5K+ was my first VR headset and I loved it.
Today I’m on HP Reverb G2 and after using it for some time I can honestly hope that Pimax will do the following in their next gen (I’m looking from price/performance not just performance):

Ease of use

  • Inside out tracking - It is not the best tracking but makes setup easier.
  • Balanced head strap and feel (very important for long term use)
  • Head strap easy to get in and out or even change the size based on the shape of the head.
  • If we will be able to tilt the headset up during use that could be convenient.


  • Easy to use pass through image - it is about time we will be able to see what is in front of us from inside the headset.
  • Balanced LCD/OLED screens resolution but with high PPI - With the lack of high end cards it will be good to balance this specific spec so many could use the headset using mid to high GPUs.
  • Good over the ear headphone, enough said.
  • FoV: no more than 140-150 for better distortions and be inline with the industry, I want Pimax to be bought by many people and not just by enthusiasts or gamblers.
  • Do not depend on Light house for 6DoF
  • Oculus like controllers including replaceable batteries.


  • Has to be lower than 700$.

Too high resolution is good for PR bad for PC Spec.