What happened to what was offered in the V3 version?

Yeah. But If this hapens all backers should receive the premium lenses. We were the people that trust in pimax

Maybe this will be an option down the line , lol

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In your dreams …
Although as a diy upgrade possibly if the lens are still the issue , surely these lens just pop out like the wmr , rift , vive , vive pro do

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I’d like to know how much extra would cost these lenses of v3 made by hand because if it would be 100 or 200 bucks more I’d pay it if it means have the best headset possible without all these problems caused by the lens[/quote]
Unfortunately, I think that price is off by at least a power of 10, that is, think custom professional photography equipment prices (starting in the thousands).

So if the real cost of actual lenses are 20 bucks, premium lenses would be 200, I guess

I understand the feeling of wanting the best experience but i think your ignoring the negative been said about the V3. And making it look better than it was.

much improved usually mean there are still some :stuck_out_tongue:

For sure the review where made in a positive manner and excitement. I would be curious @Cdaked to know if you think after all this time if the lens version 3 was shipping ready. I could go in length on how some of the problem in M1 could have come to be but plenty of ppl have already said it and it clearly didn’t change your opinion and i guess that is fine.

But on a pure logical standpoint, it make no sens for a company to keep on developing and spending resource on a part that is good and ready. So my only conclusion is they where missing something they needed to improve and that brings them other problem that need tweaking. They also look like they believe they can still improve it and are doing it.

To answer directly to your title. What happened to V3 is that they are still trying to improve it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for ignoring the worry some have expressed that V3 could have been overly costly version that never would have been possible. I just don’t see the point of going down that lane. Wont help anyone.

All I can tell you is that @omg1973 was talking about HORIZONTAL FOV, not diagonal.

Oh lol i skiped a few line and didnt realise you wherent the one testing it.

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@anon23564932 @Pimax-Support

One thing seems clear.
they read our doubts and questions … the days or weeks pass and no member of the Pimax team responds.


Most likely the new m2 still have the same issues or other news. Maybe its impossible to fix the worst issues but because all testers dont give green light they continue to find solutions. But sooner or latter they have to forget the green light of all testers and said the truth… I just dont know, what im writing its just speculation like 90% of pimax posts.
I dont mind waiting even if its one year but this lack of comunications its very bad.


I opt in in that, I don’t get why they don’t manage a weekly update in what ever format with a few pics to keep us in nformed …
Take a look at star citizen- they have the show running :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: on and on and … (yes I am A Baker there too)


Another pointless topic full of conjecture to waste time reading, thanks guys.

blame pimax for this :slight_smile:

the conjectures can be cause of the lack of communication?
think about it…

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What conjectures? we have the testimonies of OMG, SweViver and MixedRealityTV from October last year, nine months ago. And we have the leaks on how things were a month ago.


Glass of hope and enthusiasm feels half empty

The reasons why we’re worse than 9 months ago can be conjecture. But the differences between the status of the M1 (according to the leaks) and the V3, are not conjectures, are obvious facts. Only Pimax knows why we’re worse, but they’re not going to tell us


It’s a huge assumption that the lenses are “worse”. For one thing, there are MANY lens parameters that can vary and it’s often a trade-off between them. Some might be a lot better, while others might indeed be worse, but that doesn’t make the entire lens worse.

One possibility is that the FOV was increased, as Pimax said they would do, which increased some edge artifacts. If so, they are probably now working on that secondary issue.

an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.

If you have data on specifications on the designs of both units that no one else does please feel free to share. Else you are simply providing second hand information, opinions and really are not being constructive for the community as a whole. I sincerely feel you use this forum as an outlet to vent your frustrations, whether they are personal or attributed to the development of this product. I am sympathetic that you are not happy, but you could do us a favour and not turn your grievances into a Shakespearean tragedy performance in front of the rest of us.

This is one point i totally agree on. They could easily make better update.

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