What if the helmet doesn't recognize you? 头盔无法识别怎么办?2020.3.15

What if the helmet doesn’t recognize you?2020.3.15

  1. If you find that the helmet cannot be recognized, but the handle can be recognized, you need to hold the helmet in hand and shake it repeatedly between the two base stations. It takes about 15 seconds to shake it substantially.If the helmet cannot be recognized when the boot is started, it can be shaken after the room setting is opened. In the establishment positioning, watch whether the helmet is recognized or not. The green light indicates recognition, and the red light continues to be shaken.If the helmet cannot be recognized during the game and the computer display screen is stuck, take off the helmet and shake it immediately. Then observe the computer interface. If it returns to normal, put on the helmet and continue the game, the progress will not disappear.
  2. If you find that the helmet type cannot be recognized and the handle cannot be recognized, and there is a big red dot, don’t toss and turn, directly uninstall pitool, close 360, and reinstall pitool. Generally, it will return to normal immediately

3, if the above method, still can’t help helmet links, including reinstall pitool, or restart the computer can’t, then it should be updated lead to instability, and steamvr directly disable security mode, return to normal commonly, ignore the disable security mode warned, if this cannot return to normal, uninstall pitool reshipment, then disable, several methods together, in addition, disable safe mode option, not always, but once appear, disabled in general can solve a problem

4, if still not, still can not link, then you may be the new installation of memory frequency is wrong, or the line is not inserted, or the line is bad

Other tips - improve pettitte’s resolution, I don’t know why, I don’t think it works, can you try it

Some people say steam is locked with resolution limit of 4k, you need to open the path C:\Program Files (x86)\ steam \steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\ Settings \default.vrsettings

Use notepad to open default.vrsettings, then make maxRecommendedResolution": 4096, change this 4096 to 8192, then save the text

Other Suggestions - turning off the headset power when not using vr can improve the screen life for the following reasons:

Maybe you think the helmet is in standby mode, because it shows a black screen, so it’s ok, but I found that it can still damage the screen, which seems to be different from the sleep mode of the computer screen, which is the screen is a more complete power off state, how exactly did I not carefully study

And most pettitte players, the default boot startup pitool, helmet under the standby mode is the night of the hill, also known as pimax vr home, not to join the automatic image jitter, also is the helmet life damage, even joined the automatic image dithering, but constantly running a helmet for 365 days, even low power consumption, especially the hot weather, high temperatures are also affecting the service life of electronic components

I urge pettitte to get this out of the way, at least by adding some screen shake, and most importantly by adding a real sleep blackout mode, which is really the black screen, rather than the standby black screen, which still appears to be on, but is filled with black?The bottom line is -pitool’s helmet identifies the soft spot!

Because most people don’t want to shut off the power, one is the harm of helmet long-term charged display status recognition is insufficient, mostly because, after each reboot the power of the helmet, are often faced with the helmet doesn’t recognize situation, to all kinds of trouble again to return to normal operation, so most of the people, just boot since the launch of the default pitool software, more does not take the initiative in closing pettitte helmet power supply

In addition, the base station of vive also should shut off the power, the motor runs for a long time, affecting the service life of the base station is the theory, but the harm is much less than the long-term fixed screen showing, pettitte to truly become an international top companies, the quality control should be a top priority, now the 8 k series of helmets, plastic joke upgrade, it is said that a stronger, it is very nice


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有人说steam锁死了分辨率上限为4k,你需要打开路径C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\settings\default.vrsettings
用记事本打开default.vrsettings,然后将maxRecommendedResolution": 4096,这个4096修改为8192,然后保存文本
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其他建议---- 不用vr时,将头盔电源关闭,可以提升显示屏寿命,原因如下:
何况大多数小派玩家,开机默认启动pitool,头盔待机状态是黑夜下的山丘,也即是pimax vr home,没有加入自动画面抖动,同样是比较损害头盔寿命的,即便加入了自动画面抖动,但一个头盔连续365天不停运转,即便是低功耗也够呛,尤其热天,高温也影响电子元件寿命
我强烈要求小派彻底解决这个问题,至少加入画面抖动,最关键的是加入真正睡眠断电模式,就是真黑屏,而不是虽然待机黑屏,但似乎屏幕依然显示,只是被黑色填满? 而根本的要解决的是----pitool的头盔识别软肋问题!



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