What is a better option?

I’m just wondering what people think is the best VR company at the moment?

Not just for the product, but customer treatment as well.

Definately not Pimax. Stay away from them. Trust me.

Valve, hands down.

They’re the one creating an open ecosystem, from which us pimax backers are benefitting. The research & thought that went into the knuckles & index show they aren’t looking to compromise on experience.

Certainly not Oculus. Pro’s include promoting developers & the original KS campaign, negatives include title exclusives (justifiable from a business standpoint, mind), and mandatory tying to social media accounts. I’d still recommend a quest (or quest 2 with additional audio/battery pack) to most people as a first headset though.

HP, HTC, Sony etc don’t have enough products/lifecycles to justify an entrance, and Pimax are miniscule brand with all the issues that come along with it, but it’s still impressive what they’ve pulled off thus far from such humble beginnings.

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Thanks for the info.

The Oculus could be the best headset on the market, however forcing people to use social media is an immediate non starter for me.

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