What is a reasonable price for a 5K+ bundle?

Hello, great community! Today, after being unused for years, i fired up my 5k+ to test the latest Pitool (Still without the controllers, basestations and so on, but i don’t need to explain they will never come to me, i gave up on that).
Sadly, even after i barely used it, i discovered the fact that i have the snowing pixels on a dark background issue. This was the last of many issues to make me decide to not want to have anything to do anymore with whatever is Pimax related, except for the great and helpful user base and the moderators.
On the hardware side, this snowing pixel issue is the only one issue i have, purely hardware-fault based. My question is: At what price should i sell my KS account along with the full 5K bundle and well-known coupons? (I originally backed the 8k full bundle) Maybe someone can point me to a reasonable price point. I’ll gladly say farewell to a long and tireing journey of waiting for nothing to happen. Thanks and cheers to you all!

Hi Mindscan,

sadly i can’t tell you for how much you should sell it, depends on where you want to sell it, what you want to guarantee your buyer etc etc. but about the snowing problem. As far as i know, this comes from a defect cable and pimax is exchanging them. To be exact they sending you a new cable and this should do the trick.

might be worth opening a ticket on pimax and try to get this solved ‘before’ you sell the headset. Otherwise you are selling a well working headset for far less as it had to be.

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Ok thanks for replying, i will try to get a replacement cable.

A little update, i tried to get a working cable, since i have barely used it since i recieved the hmd in feb. 2019. Because Pimax did not meet its promises of lighthouses and controllers… But off course they are not sending me a new one. Am i surprised? No, this is Pimax the way i have gotten to know them. Enough said.

uh, thats bad, and did they add any explenation why they arn’t ?

Yes, because they delivered the hmd februari 2019 i am out of warranty…:unamused: I could accept that if i had recieved at least the basestations back then, and had played in all that time till now. But we all know most of us got only the hmd till today. @PimaxQuorra