What is Steam Client WEbHelper and how I stop it

I notice that the cpu always run at 100% and that why I feel that the newer Pitool always worse than old version . Or I assume it caused by new steamvr.

I just check that there are a lot of task which run at the same time.

It is SteamVR Webhelper.

This is error alert when I test to play gunheart and steamvr is closed.

Who know how to stop this task?

Second problem, when I turn on the vive controller, it look every thing are worse. The environment is shaking and the rendered image or mask at the edge always jerky when I turn around.

Although I turn the controller off, this issue still be available.
But this issue not be happened when I test again. It is random issue.

Here is topic on it



Thank you, may try this solution first.
It look he try to make a fake folder and file and program can’t create the file, but it will loop until stop creating and make steam to be opened slowly.

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I already test, that topic is about closing the steam client webhelper which be used to show the content on steam.

There is other simple solution by closing the steam and the steam client webhelper will stop using the cpu.

But I found that steamvr use another program, it stay in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\bin\vrwebhelper\win64\vrwebhelper.exe

It will show “steamvr webhelper” on task manager.
This always running and eat cpu although we not open the steamvr dashboard, that mean if we install some extension on dashboard and it will always eat the cpu.

When I try to rename this programe, it work. The problem is I can’t open the steamvr setting and Dashboard.

I am not sure that this is bug or not, but will try report to valve.

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Something that may work is to use CPU affinity and assign it to a later cpu core. But makes sense on it hanging out wasting resources.

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