What is Steam Client WEbHelper and how I stop it

I notice that the cpu always run at 100% and that why I feel that the newer Pitool always worse than old version . Or I assume it caused by new steamvr.

I just check that there are a lot of task which run at the same time.

It is SteamVR Webhelper.

This is error alert when I test to play gunheart and steamvr is closed.

Who know how to stop this task?

Second problem, when I turn on the vive controller, it look every thing are worse. The environment is shaking and the rendered image or mask at the edge always jerky when I turn around.

Although I turn the controller off, this issue still be available.
But this issue not be happened when I test again. It is random issue.

Here is topic on it



Thank you, may try this solution first.
It look he try to make a fake folder and file and program can’t create the file, but it will loop until stop creating and make steam to be opened slowly.

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