What is the status of all our promised accessories?

Controllers, Base Stations, Audio Head Strap, Coupons…

I have been enjoying my Pimax 5K+ for many months now but I have not heard, nor can I find, any updated informatiuon about when I should be receiving my controllers, base stations, and all the extra goodies we were promised as early backers?

Can we get an update on this please?


The dates aren’t set in stone but expect it in Q3 at the earliest.

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Good thing I sprang for a used base station and the DAS…although it’s quite annoying not being able to enjoy many games that are motion control only. I would never pay close to $200 per crappy vive controller…Vive, you must be joking man.

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I bought a Vive Pro just to scavenge the 2.0 base stations and the controllers. Most expensive accessory ever… The Vive controllers and base stations simply get it done. I haven’t really used the controllers much (other than the SteamVR setup) as the ONLY game I play in VR is Elite.

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I bought the Vive. The v1 basestations will work with v2 sensors (ie Pimax headset) and v1 sensors (ie original Vive wands and misc v1 accessories).

I’m coming from Rift, which I still own, so paying twice the price of the Oculus Touch controllers for those crap vive controllers was a hard pass for me, especially knowing the rift controllers are superior in every way. Too bad they aren’t Pimax compatible.

Did you gut the Vive pro over og vive for the 2.0 base stations?

I started with a Rift, then got the Samsung Odyssey (which I gave away) and then the Asus HMD (which I returned). I stayed with the Rift just because there was nothing better all said and done. Then I got the Pimax 5K+…

I bought the Vive Pro not just for the 2.0 base stations but also for the controllers and to try yet another HMD. I still have the Vive pro HMD, but nothing holds a candle to the Pimax 5K+. So the Rift and Vive Pro just sit on the shelf.

I’m using the 2.0 base stations and the Vive controllers with the Pimax 5K+. The Vive controllers work fine but I never use them as the only game worth playing in VR (IMHO) is Elite and I don’t use/need VR controllers for that. IMHO: All the rest of the VR games are just “eye candy” and not really good games in their own right.

I’m also using an “adapted” Vive Deluxe Audio headstrap on my Pimax to have locally mounted audio (vs earbuds, or even worse, headphones)


I agree on what you say about VR games. And Elite is why I backed this kickstarter in the first place… just really hope good games will start coming out soon, cause we need more than one game for sure.

Wide FOV should motivate devs to get deving!

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When should we expect to hear more about… Anything? It feels like there’s been absolute radio silence lately in terms of updates.


The last update was that controllers and basestations was the priority for Q3, DAS for Q4, everything else after that, so another year basically, and then maybe next decade for 8K-X by the sounds of things

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I would think lighthouses are in production because Valve Index will be out in June. Kevin talked about a redesign of the controllers around GDC so it will probably be later than June. Eye tracking is done but there is no compatible software so Pimax is keeping them. Hand Tracking is done but there is no use either. Long cable, they are trying to figure how to do it.


I would hope they are working on using them to set the distortion profile based on peoples IPD (gleaned from the eyetrackers) but we have yet to hear of such a thing

Imo the headstrap needs to come out way sooner than q4 thats ridiculous.


Lot’s of promises… :roll_eyes:


I would very much like to use the eye tracking (before the end of this year). :slight_smile:

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UNLOCKED they said…guess they must have lost the key. What a joke not a single piece has been shipped yet after 2 years.


We don’t even have stations or controllers after two years!


Just goes to show you how much smoke they were blowing during the kickstarter in order to get backers. They had no solid development plan, just a crowd funding campaign.

During the Kickstarter campaign Pimax also said that backers would not receive the default headstrap, and that if we wanted it to pledge $10 extra. Glad I wasted $10 extra for literally nothing lol.

Also, I feel really bad for the people who ordered the 10m cable and will probably never receive it. I thought about ordering one of those as well, and I feel like I seriously dodged a bullet by deciding against it.