What is the very latest PiTool, Experience Beta, etc

Since the forum keeps sending us a bunch of OLD announcements as if they are new, which I know Helio is aware of - not bitching here - can someone please confirm the very latest PiTool, Experience Beta and 8Kx beta firmware versions - as well as direct download links.

I believe I am fully up to date, possibly even ahead of the public beta version for the 8Kx firmware, but it sure would be nice to have a VERY EASY TO FIND, EASY TO NAVIGATE spot to download ALL YOUR LATEST DRIVERS/FIRMWARE - and something to know which versions are the ACTUAL latest versions. Right now, even doing google searches will turn up all different versions haphazardly posted, with no links to show its not the latest…

Its just way too confusing. Please - dump the unneeded crap and posts on this forum and make navigating to find the common info we all need much easier, and much more accurate.


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Last PE released was Apr 2021. Lastest pitool is the one on there Website I believe.

@arminelec 's links to PE seem no longer working.

@pimcaxQuorra can post a link to PE snd Latest Pitool.

Both Pitool and PE can be found in #pi-soft:pitool-notes Category. @playa may also have PE releases in his Pimax Software Data base.