What to buy with your $100 coupon

Updated the answer in the FAQ:

I already back the hand motion tracking.

Already has 2 base station and controllers. My room is not big to need the 4 base station right now.
Still not need 10m. cable because I will wait to buy wireless mode.

headstrap and face cushion and cooling fan is in reward already.

The best for 8k full set backer is 100 dollars discount for wireless module or other 8k.


I will explain about my experience.

First I am early bird of full set 8k at 749 dollars.
The early bird of 8k x full set is 949 dollars.

So we add only 200 dollars to get the 8k x full set.
But I not choose 8k x because

  1. I just buy 1070 for a month before the campaign is start and still don’t have a plan to upgrade the gpu.
  2. I already add $100 hand motion tracking to my pledge so it already cost 849 dollars.

But if I not choose hand tracking, so I guess I only add more $100 dollars to get the 8k x and I think I still can manage more money at that time.

Have someone ever ask that if he have 8k x pledge, and choose 5k+ for loan, he will get discount $100 coupon or not and you said “yes”.

So if I choose 8k x since the first time, I will pay only $949 and use $100 coupon for get hand tracking (So we can assume that the 8k x can paid only $849 while I paid the 8k full set at $749). And benefit of 8k x is I can test 5k+ and 8k x in the future while get full set of all accessories.

But what 8k backer can get?
Decrease our expectation to lower sde headset with duplicate accessories and may I have to buy other 8k (to test) at the retail price which use cost more than 8k x for sure. Don’t forget that may we have to upgrade the gpu too.

So I am not sure that the $100 coupon for those accessories will be fair enough for us.(or only me).
Infact I should choose 8k instead, but we still never get confident that 8k is better than 5k+ from pimax right now.

If I have to swap from 8k to 5k+, I need coupon for wireless module because I want to save my money for other cost.


Some background about the new model 5K+ for backers, as an additional option:

Feel free to let us know what would be fair for you. We can do our best to meet your expectations.


@anon23564932 pls confirm
the coupon can be used for the wireless module, whenever ready, as well?
sounded to me like that it is confirmed, but now I’m not sure anymore.


May I can stay with 8k if pimax can investigate that why MRTV found the wobble issue. I think this is the seriously issue which make me to choose the 5k+.

But as I describe, what I will get benefit from the $100 coupon if I already have all of them and some item are not useful for me right now. So it look I am foreced to choose anything without option.

My friend back the full set of 8k, but he not add the hand motion. So he don’t have any problem while I plan to use $100 for wireless module and has no option about that. So I have ask myself that why I have to paid more than $100 if compare to my friend.

So please make more option for the $100 coupon.

If I can buy 2 base station which cheaper price, may I will choose it for my bigger room in the future, but may not useful for other who playing in small room.

I not only add hand motion on my pledge, I have 1 cloth strap and 2 cushion too, I don’t need them anymore. There is only 10m cable which I don’t add and not will buy it because we have discount for wireless module already.

Don’t see any reason to get only 1 controller. If I have to buy 2 controlles, I have to paid more money from that coupon. I already buy vive to get base station and controller after know that the controllers are delay.

I’m a Full Package 8k Pledger, and every accessories are bundled in it (except the long cable). I’m planning to switch to 5k+, the only option for me is the long cable. The hand motion tracker is cool technology with lack of actual software to use it with.

5k to get upgrade to be 5k+

8k swap to be 5k+ will get $100 coupon which I don’t know what I should choose.

If pimax tell that all backer will get offer for new version.

From update.

Backers - you will be the first group of explorers to experience truly immersive VR. No matter which model you pick, either 5K+ or 8K, we will provide you special offers when new versions become available.

I understand that both 5k and 8k backer get the same offer (no any specific that “for 8k backer only”).

So I am not sure 8k backer who swap to 5k+ will get benefit except paid $100 more than 5k backer and can’t get refund.

So $100 for wireless module or discount for new version, 8k, it look fair.

You have a $100 coupon as stretch goal gift specific for wireless module.
The additional $100 coupon, if you switch to 5K+, can be spend in modules produced by Pimax.
Will double check with the team about wireless and get back to you.


In update, it use etc for module and I just see it, if the coupon can use for wireless module, that is acceptable.

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Even that is probably not worth it as @SweViver says, you can just use extension cables

Controllers for me if possible. Easy choice.

Will mixed controller setup (e.g. left hand touchpad right hand joystick) work?

If so I would probably go for 1 controller of different type than ordered set. After all that controller type choice (touch/joystick) mega-thread was almost as heated as 5k+ vs 8k is now.


I would like to get prescription lenses.

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Pimax aren’t selling the lenses, just the frame, there are loads of places online you can get prescription lenses fitted to a frame you supply, for a lot less than $100 too.


The restrictions on what can be bought with the coupon is not so appealing.

Instead of coupons, Pimax should consider credit and detail what exactly is exempt.

I am aware of the stretch goal coupon…but since I have backed everything (hand motion, 10m cable, even extra cushion as well) an additional coupon for the wireless module would be the only thing that makes sense. Apart of that I think it’s a fair compromise considering that it even may take more than a year until the wireless module becomes available. I’m talking good faith here from backers side. And if you are already working with coupons on the wireless module it won’t be a big deal to give an extra coupon to those trying to compensate the 100 bucks.


wireless module, definitely! Nothing more important for VR in my opinion coming from my htc vive


Did I read the above correctly, are we unable to spend our 8K to 5K+ voucher on a base station?

Yes you read correctly. Your $100 coupon can be used to buy fortune cookies

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