What to buy with your $100 coupon

I think they won’t let it be used on base stations because they come straight from Valve and Pimax wants to minimize the hit they will be taking by giving backers this $100 coupon.

So they are only allowing the coupon to be used on products made by them to minimize cost, however most of the modules like hand tracking and wireless are said to be “developed by their partners” and not Pimax, so why are we able to spend the coupon on modules but not base stations.

Maybe they would allow it for base stations but they would need to charge a much higher price than they did during the kickstarter. I believe Valve is charging $65 per base station and Pimax would be breaking even or even losing money on selling them for $75, possibly even losing money.

Maybe they could sell to backers at more than $100 a base station. This would still be a fair price to me.


I think you have to do that to avoid a shit storm of epic proportions.

A looot of us already have base stations, are waiting for Valve’s knuckles (or the complete package) and don’t need a 10 meter cable. And every backer will get an extra face cushion and the “headstrap with earphones” as it’s stretch goals.
So there’s not much to use that $100 coupon on except for the wireless module. Well maybe 0.0001% wants that smell module to watch hentai fart porn.


Add me to the list of people wanting to use it on the wireless module. There is literally nothing else worth using that 100 dollar coupon on.


Towards wireless for me too…


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, wireless module please :grin:


Yes you can use the coupon for wireless module. Updated in the FAQ:


Thank you for clarify.

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Now here’s another question.
I have 2 pledges in 2 kickstarter accounts (I bought an additional pledge from someone). And I intend to swap one pledge for the 5K+.

So in total I get two $100 coupons for the stretch goals plus one $100 for switching to the 5K+.

I would like to put them all in one wireless option. So can I exchange coupons from one kickstarter account to another?


Until the official (definite) answer is given, this is the second best answer to your question


Thanks @anon23564932 you’re the best!



Please respond if Wireless Module Coupons and the $100 5K+ Coupon can be transferred from one Kickstarter account to another.

I have two 8K pledges and If I switch both to 5K+ and use the two $100 wireless module coupons can I use it for $400 towards Wireless Module ?


Could anyone point out the wifi tech that has a bandwidth strong enough to make 8k wireless? Thanks

Unfortunately that isn’t true… unless Pimax starts a fortune cookie business.

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The limitation here is being placed by the 3rd party manufacturer (HTC/Valve). My assumption is that Pimax gave them the number of basestations needed after the Kickstarter ended. HTC’s reluctance to give them more basestations might have to do with the following (speculative) reasons:

  • Pimax was given a lower, bulk price for the basestations and HTC doesn’t want to give them anymore.
  • HTC doesn’t want to flood the market with low cost basestations because they are getting ready to start selling them.
  • v2 basestations are one of the few reasons to buy a Vive Pro.
  • HTC is having issues producing v2 basestations in bulk.

or maybe…???

A question to the ones who received and answered pimax about how to use the 100 bucks extra:

What did you choose?

Great news! Thank you, Pimax peeps! :bow:

I asked for the hand tracking module if it was available now (I know it’s not very useful but I do demos in schools and the leap motion always goes down a treat) and if it wasn’t I asked to put it towards the wireless module.

I seemed to just get a stock reply of -

“Thanks for your response. We will ship your Pimax Kickstarter reward asap and send you the tracking number via e-mail by then. Please be advised.
As we will provide $100 coupon for backers that switch 8K to 5K+. You can use the coupon to buy accessories or the X version.
Accessories including - headstrap with earphones, face cushion, 10m cable, cooling fan, VR frame, modules When X becomes available, we’ll provide more benefits for both the 5K+ and 8K backers.”

So i’m not sure which I’m getting or if it’s been noted.

400$ towards wireless module?
How much shall it cost?