What's going on with PiTool and PE?

Edit: never mind - seems these were just reissues of old posts. A brief moment of excitement followed by disappointment.


If they are forum emails it might have occured due to merging categories to remove category bloat.

It is strange ir bumped those 2 posts to you as there were many posts merged and those are quite old.

Indeed nothing on PE since Apr 2021

It fooled me too. :confounded: WTF??? :laughing: Then I realized it was some sort of forum glitch.

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I rechecked the the email the day after I got it and it was dated Nov. 2020 So it happened to me also.


My 2 cents. They promised an IPD guide. Postponed it and said that would be next release and we have not heard from them since. If there was a good software way to solve all these IPD issues we would have had it years ago.

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It fooled me; the first of 8 I received, I was so excited, then I noticed one after another. Oh well, let’s hope for a new one to arrive soon.


Indeed going from regular updates & releases to none is not easy when the project was progressing nicely. Hopefully the blackout ends soon with some new long awaited features like the ipd wizard that is truly a need rather than a want.


I’m not a betting man but I’m taking a nickel (5 cents) out that says that the next edition not only does NOT have an ipd wizard, but that they won’t mention it in the update, either. The pattern of their behavior continues to indicate that an ipd wizard would simply point out that the ipd on their “flagship” headset cannot be set lower than 63 (or 65 as someone mentioned).
I don’t see a way out of the conundrum that they have set up, other than releasing a second version with a smaller ipd range and just dealing with the fallout, but, as long as they keep doubling down on the “lie”, I just don’t see it happening.


They should allow backers to send in the headset to replace or upgrade the hardware inside the headset in the future. That’ll save the cost of the entire headset.