What's happening with Pimax experience

I was under the impression that the pimax experience beta was for a weekend and that the information would be gathered up and then it would be released but it’s been over a week I’m just wondering what’s going on with the Pimax experience and when it will be released. if it’s not going to be released soon can I become a beta tester @SweViver

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We have been running the private Beta for more than a week and solved lots of bugs and issues. Its not far away from public beta and soon also open source release. I have added you to the private beta now, check the VR Experience Beta category on this forum, latest version is 0.27.

Thanks Marcin 202020

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Excuse me I know I’m a bit late, but is it possible to have beta access please? I would be very interested in participating.
I own a Pimax 5k +

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@Khazal added you! Look for the private Pimax VR Experience category in the forums.

Thank you man :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You’ll need to come up with another name for this software. “The Pimax experience” is already taken.
It’s the experience the backers are going through right now… waiting for their upgrades while pre-orders from June 2020 are recieving tracking numbers etc etc (yes, it’s happening all over again. Nothing changes, it seems)