When 110 Hz firmware update

When can we expect new firmware so 5k+ 202 series owners can try 110 hz? Any specific date/week?

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Why do you even bother 110hz?

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Some folks are refresh hungry.


I wanna do some tests with reprojection. Never got opportunity to try 110hz and I wish to see will I notice any difference in dirt rally 2 with smart smoothing. (45fps vs 55fps)


@Heliosurge does new 253 support 110hz 202 series?

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No idea need a 202 user to install and see if new firmware. Release notes are not very informative. Guessing by file name no new firmware. But hard to say. If no new firmware then not likely to have 110hz support.

Well I just tried .253 and no 110hz :confused: but good thing it is very stable, no issue in dirt rally 2 :+1:

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I installed .254 and i now have 110hz on my 202.

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I unfortunately still don’t have anything other than 90hz on my 204 and Pimax are ignoring my forum post and my support email so maybe I’ll never get it.

@Virtual what’s your firmware version?

@Culver9 my firmware is 255 which is the only firmware that works with a 5700XT

Imagine next full release will have extra fixes for amd gpus.

I hope so, I imagined that for this one. What I wish is for Pimax to simply answer the question. It would be nice if they could say yes they are working on it and if they hope to release it soon. I’m not looking to pin them to a date, I’d just like to know if it is a priority or if I’ve already got all I can expect to get.

There is a valid reason for my enquiry. If Pimax are not working on providing these other refresh rates, my GPU is not good enough to run the 5k+ at a stable 90fps so I must sell my card and buy something else. If Pimax tell me they are working on it and hope to offer 65hz and 120hz soon I will wait with the card I have and hope that either 65hz or 120hz with motion smoothing will give me an acceptable experience in iRacing while waiting for next gen hardware to be released.

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Well I hear you on wanting a simple response to confirm they are working in it.

GamerNexus I think in one of his CES videos was talking about a variety of problems. And did mention he spoke with Amd about their GPU drivers in general. Amd is working on a variety of fixes to their driver and so symbiotic affects things.

It is pretty bad that my r9 390 works very well and newer Amd cards are having a variety of issues. When the newer cards should be mopping the floor in all things vs the old.

As far as AMD and VR go the real issue with the 5700XT cards is the 8GB VRAM limit. That is really holding performance back with this card especially in VR but there are plenty of discussions about the VRAM online in general. AMD really castrated this card with not enough memory but I guess maybe they did not want it to beat the Radeon VII.

As for AMD issues in their new drivers, for me at least there seems to be no issues in the latest release. There were issues in the two prior releases but they seem to have sorted those. If you go back to the last driver before the new 2020 drivers, it was pretty flawless and I think in many ways superior to the new driver especially when it comes to overclocking.

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The big difficulty I have found with Amd is driver maturity. 8g of Vram really shouldn’t be holding the 5700 series back as most 8g cards work quite well including my r9 390 8g.

@Ludx I believe even had some nice results witj a 1060 6g card.

I would be interested to see if the Amd Driver has matured enough to drive the Vega Frontier with the 16g HBM Vram.

I suspect it’s more too much drastic change and releasing earlier than ready. SteamVR has had to implement a number of fixes to accommodate the 5000 series cards.

Amd’s hardware is usually much better but the drivers take a bit to show it’s real potential

The 8GB IMO is an obvious issue especially for high resolution VR gaming.

What we are talking about is a very fast and capable card a card that is so capable it can push performance into areas that need more than 8GB of VRAM. If you look at the performance compared to a 1080ti with 11GB of VRAM the 5700XT goes neck and neck and often beats it, but online comparisons haven’t looked into what is happening at the limit of performance and why the 5700XT is bottlenecked in those situations, if they did they would see it is the VRAM. I’m certain if the 5700XT had the same 11GB as the 1080ti it would be always beating the 1080ti. The only cards that are actually a step up in general use compared to the 5700XT are the 2080 series cards and the Radeon VII and even then only the 2080ti is a significant leap over the 5700XT. The spread of performance tends to favour those other cards a bit more at typical gaming on regular displays but what I’m finding in VR is at the performance this card is capable of 8GB is the bottleneck holding it back. That’s why I’m eagerly awaiting official specs of the next higher end AMD offering and the Nvidia 30 series cards. But I will no longer be buying cards that have 8GB or less.

By the way, I have a 1060 6GB. It is a very good performer but the 5700XT is better. The 1060 is decent at lower resolution VR. In the 5700XT with Pitool at 1.5 and SteamVR at 25% for the equivalent of PT 0.75 at 100% in SteamVR and 8xAA in iRacing I’m running out of VRAM in iRacing and the moment I hit 8GB my fps plummet. I raced the Daytona 24 at 60-80 fps.

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The 2080 would be a good compare as it is more or less 1080ti strength but lacking 3g vram.

I do think Amd should have stuck with HBM and continued to bump Vram. Making the next standard 12g.

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