When I have leap motion windows service running/hand tracker plugged in it messes with index controller tracking

When I have leap motion windows service running/hand tracker plugged in it messes with index controller tracking, makes my index controllers track in a jerky way intermittently even in just steam vr home, sometimes a controller will walk away or be slightly off in the space on occasion etc. It seems random, as soon as I take off the hand tracker from my 8kX or stop the leap motion service, tracking on my index controllers is normal again.

I made the same observation, but it affects Vive controllers as well. I wish there were an on/off switch in PiTool, right now I have to kill the service when I’m not using hand tracking.


Seems like they could remedy this in software. Although its weird thats happening at all.

I wonder if the fake usb c ports limited bandwith is at fault.

Try plugging the hand tracking directly to the pc and see if it still affects your controllers.

I remember a thread on here suggesting some dropped packets and missing info from controllers paired with pimax hmds, vs watchman dongles.

Not entirely sure on this but doesn’t the hand tracker work by casting and receiving strong IR blasts to determine the hand position and shape?

If so, those blasts could be causing issues with the IR sensors on steamtracked controllers.

I used to believe the Leap Motion used the same structured light solution as the first Microsoft Kinect, but learned recently that (disappointingly) they are apparently just regular cameras, with the drivers doing stereoscopic 3D solving on pairs of regular images. -So much for my notion of using the Pimax hand tracker for coarse 3D scanning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even so, I presume they are probably still filtered for near-IR wavelengths, and the device probably emits the illumination for them to see - just not doing the disco ball thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

In that case,whilst I’d further assume the IR LEDs are always on, I wonder whether the driver has an option to control the light strength, in which case I could imagine running them at 100% would flood the view with IR light, which could be detrimental to SteamVR tracking devices, but on the other hand eliminate any PWM strobing that might disturb them even more…

On a sidetrack: What is the release status on the handtrackers? -People have been talking about their experiences with them for ages, but I am still waiting for my Kickstarter side order unit.

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