When will it ship?

When will pimax start shipping the 8kx? For non backers who ordered right when it was available to order?
Can’t find that info anywhere.


Probably January. Backer’s units are supposed to ship in December, but Pimax always seems to be overly optimistic about dates, so it could be delayed.


Will somebody from Pimax please take the few minutes required to update people waiting for this information. A short update is better than silence.


Unfortunately, I’m pessimistic that you’ll get an answer. Pimax cannot seem to follow through with relatively simple dates, like when they say they will release information. Hardware and software has suffered even more delays. I think Pimax has decided that keeping quiet is better than providing another date that they will most likely miss.

I wish it was not like this, but that seems to be the situation.

Pimax can make headsets which are far ahead of what other companies are providing, but their QA is uneven and their communication is poor. I can accept that, because I have no choice, if I want a wide FOV VR headset. There are no other options.


@Konger can you give us estimated shipping updates. Thank you :bouquet:


I think silence is the worse possible reaction, it makes me feel scammed. A think you are 100% right on a delay it’s pimax but just a we are…waiting for parts, testing whatever they are doing explanation is better than total silence.


Pimax has the potential to be a great VR company, but they just cannot seem to get their act together. They have squandered their backers’ enthusiasm and trust. Unfortunately, it will be very hard to earn it back. I sincerely hope that they can improve their communication, since that is their biggest weakness.

I really want to be a positive voice for them. I like my 8K a lot. I hope the situation improves.


Hi TrevorVR and all,

I will report the current status and estimated shipping updates today. Sorry for waiting~.



Hi Konger. Thank you for the reply. Could you also look into the tax overcharge and the new 100/50$ promised discount refunds please?

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Please please please add in plan F and index controllers within that shipping update please!!!

have the pimax 8k plus already been shipped? any reviews on it?

The 8K+ has not yet shipped. As far as I know, there have been no reviews of the final unit (only preproduction units).

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I don’t mind if it didn’t ship until Jun because that’s when GTX 3000 come out. Right now, my pc has no graphic card lol.

the 8k+ is on sale in taobao few days ago…
And is ship immediately…
as far i see.

and yes, some one Actually buying and get this.

but not for the 8kx. is not on sale. as now i can’t find any…

no Information comeing out, but yes is on sale Public
if i pay for it, i can get it in days (may be less than 2 days “the taobao speed”)

but as far i didn’t get any Information form Official pimax yet

pimax trying sand more Information to us backer ok?

Note : is 8k+ not 8kx,so no one Accuracy pledge for it on kickstarter.


What the…? :frowning_face:


Lul it happened again… Wonder what is the explanation this time…

Good thing is that the 8K+ is final or at least it seems so

Well, don’t forget that this is not a device having been backed by anyone during the KS campaign, so nobody can really cry out in anger that the backers have been screwed - or did they explicitly state that backer pre-orders and upgrade plans would be served first before any sales would occur outside the backer community ? (I really can’t say, don’t have the time to dig through all threads around this forum)

So if you wish to complain, adapt the complaint to focus on the fact that you had pre-ordered and later orders are delivered first.

If of course it would show that all those pre-orders which are based on (sort of) backer discounts are served later because they earn more on the other pre-orders. Although it is not really about earning more, because backers hardly got meaningful discounts, but rather about cash-flow management, because backers would pay with coupons etc. so they can sit on their coupon-owed moneys for a bit longer…

I am curious which versions Pimax will have in Gouda next Sunday when I am visiting. After that event I will know if I should be happy if my delivery takes a bit longer - because if they have more kinks to iron out I am not sure one should hope to be amongst the first deliveries…


yep, the really point is, why no information to everyone when is already on sale and shipped out…

btw, ori 8k is really a bad product… i can’t use it.

Why can’t you use your 8K? I like mine a lot.

Hôoooooooooooo hard for the 8kx backer