When will the Pimax 8KX become available on Amazon?

I’m just curious. @PimaxUSA, are you able to comment on this, or give some sort of estimate? The return policy for items ordered on the store is a little scary (it seems to imply that once the unit is signed for, you are stuck with it no matter what).


I’m doubtful that you’ll get a definite timeframe. Pimax has been far too optimistic in the past.

My guestimate would be no sooner than September, but probably sometime before Xmas.

[update] It is unlikely to be on Amazon this year, according to PimaxUSA. (His response is below in this thread.)

If Pimax gets it to Amazon sooner, this is a case where I’d be happy to be wrong.


I’d strongly recommend EU buyers wait to go through Amazon so they’re subject to the EU RMA laws.


Interstingly enough skandinavians can pre order the 8kx and other pimax hmds from their website already. So it is possible other reailers will do the same.


Probably by the time Pimax releases a wireless adapter for the 8KX (long time)

That’s 1660€. That’s a decent price, considering it incl taxes and freight already!

Germany sells it :slight_smile:


Not possible to have a wireless adapter for the 8KX… Too much data at 4K/eye… This was confirmed by sweviver when I met him at CES last January… With the 8K+ it is in the works

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Since then, there have been some hints from Pimax employees that wireless may actually be possible for the 8KX (but it might be limited to scaled mode). Let’s wait and see what news the next Pimax Now event brings, before we rule it out.

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The current wireless samples do indeed work with 8kX at native resolution and can handle even higher resolution for future headsets. We also had protos that only work with the 8k+ or less before CES. So much progress has occurred on that I imagine for ultra high resolution gear wireless versions might actually beat wired versions to market.


On the question of 8kX for sale on Amazon may not happen this year.


How would you rate the likelihood any noteable number of us will to be able to affort the wireless kit, though? :7


How many months do you think it’ll take until the wireless adapter becomes available?


That’s wonderful and great news I will be able to run my 8kx wirelessly


That’s what I want. That PCIe is ready.

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I’ve ordered one from komplett.se (same company), but Kevin said during Pimax Now that it will not be available to retailers at all for the forseeable future. I’ve mailed Komplett about it, will be interesting to see their response.

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I think it’s pretty obvious they could have not had 8kX stock even in June, so no way those orders will be fulfilled in a timely manner.

I don’t know about those specific retailers, but I would be extremely cautious before sending a $1k USD equivalent preorder to a third party unless officially approved by Pimax.

Oh komplett is good and we got great consumer protection. Doubt he would risk anything but a delay with allways a chance to refund.

5 year warranty too :smiley:


Fair enough.

I don’t know about those specific retailers


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Yeah, I actually don’t need to pay anything until it ships. Also, due to customer protection they are responsible for it and not Pimax, so I don’t have to deal with Pimax if it doesn’t work or if it needs repair. In Sweden there is a three year “warranty” that covers product defects (such as the cracked housing) regardless of what the Pimax warranty says. I have my 5k+ for now so I’m fine with waiting.

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