Which addons work together?

Thinking about whether it makes sense to keep the stretch goals or not. One aspect that plays into this - which addons can actually be used together on a single HMD?

Is it possible to put the following accessories to a single 8k+?
(I know that e.g. the wireless module is not verified to work with the 8k X yet. So even though the X would be the more interesting question for me I’m asking for the 8k+ as this should be answerable right away. If it can technically be connected to the 8k+ then it should also work with the 8k X from a connectivity point of view - under the disclaimer that the module in question will be supported there)

  1. Eye tracking
  2. hand tracking
  3. comfort kit
  4. MAS
  5. coolers
  6. wireless module
  7. prescription lense holder
  8. NOLO tracking
  9. smell synthesizer

I already know that the prescription lense holder and the eye tracking are mutually exclusive (and unnecessary in that case, because lenses can be added to the eye tracking module). Anything else that doesn’t work together? Or can I put 1 to 6 on a single HMD?
If not it would be great if we could group the addons by connector where they are going to be attached to. E.g. you can connect either module A, B or C to port 1 and module D, E or F to port 2. Etc.


Hi, about a year ago I created a spreadsheet for Pimax to answer this question.
Please see this thread: Which Add-on Modules can be used in parallel?
We can update it with the new options.
Hope that @PimaxQuorra will pick up this question now
that the add-ons are hopefully really shipping in 2020.


I’m not a PiMax member but would like to comment as far as I understood.

The upper USB-Port could be used for eye tracking(1) or cooling fan(5), due to power consumption (see PiMax Day ?).
The lower one, seemd also to carry only one item. Which can be hand tracking(2) or smell syntzhethizer(9), (only a suggestion by me).
The comfort kit(3) and MAS(4) should have no effect on HMD-function itself, I hope.


Thanks! NOLO tracking would also go to the upper port I guess?

Will also be interesting whether the Wifi module occupies a usb slot (additional to hdmi)

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Is the wireless module supposed to be shipping anytime soon? Kickstarters are supposed to get a $100 coupon for it, but wondering how far into the future a realistic timeframe for it would even be.

as far as I remember the SweViver video from the CES2020:
the wireless module was the only addon, which was not on the CES and Sweviver and Kevin did not announce a timeline for that module


@PimaxQuorra any info on the wireless module? If it is going to be a long time down the road, can backers use that $100 coupon from the stretch goal for another add-on?

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Hello Mr-Alex,

Thank you for the suggestions, we will forward this message, and let our team to make the decision.

Have a nice day.



I remember Kevin told that it will be released later in this year. That was all.


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