Which Pitool Version 1.01 or 1.02?

So which Pitool version should we be using?

The version on the website is

But the one linked on the post about the backer box, give a link to which then has an available update to

So 1.0.1 or 1.0.2

And I guess the Pimax Experience isnt integrated into the Pitool and is a separate install. is the latest but it tells You there’s an “update” to That’s not correct so ignore that “update” and wait for the next update announcement and manually perform the update… :wink:


I always thought 1.0.2.x was a typo or a misnomer.

Now beta was released. Clearly this is newer. No?

Or is there a difference between the Pitool for the 8k and 5k version?

The higher the number the newer the release

So 1.0.2.x is higher than 1.0.1.x

Latest is but then see Dr Wilken’s post above

So look like Pimax arent updated the link on their website.

I know about the numbers. That’s why I said “typo”.

Question: when was released? Because was released just now.

264 was release back in September, beta was out November 11th. We will clean up the version numbers to make it simpler in one of the upcoming releases.


Oh really, thank you for the explanation! September, didn’t see that.

Also the download link should be updated on the official Pitool page.

Is there a version that includes all the new features?

  • eye tracking support with foveated rendering
  • advanced IPD adjustment
  • integration with Pimax Experience for automatic SteamVR configuration?

I haven’t looked too deep into it but to me it seems you can only have one of those in a certain release.

2.086 beta has all the items but you do need to install PE .6 after you update to 2.086 beta for that to operate. There is a hotfix coming for PE that fixes the SteamVR settings change.

Most likely there will be updates to all the packages this week so also keep an eye out for that.


Sounds great! Thank you for the explanation and the great work!

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