White dots question

So I am getting famous white dots, which is supposedly cable issue. However, what I am puzzled about is that dots go away if I restart the HMD. If it was cable, wouldn’t dots persist? Any comments? Thanks :slight_smile:

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It’s possible that you have a different problem. I had sparse “pixel snow” and occasional black or white flashes, which were all fixed by a replacement cable. The problem was intermittent, so sometimes things were fine and then the problem would crop up again.


I doubt this issue, I believe that the power cord is to blame, they should helmet to the power supply box made of this line can be replaced, as HTC, I never heard people complain about HTC wire problem, there is also they buy substandard cables

The problem with Pimax cables (historically) was with the cable shielding and inadequate QA testing. I’ve been using my replacement cable for 7 months and it’s been fine.


~8 months (April '19) here and counting. No issues.


My key concern is that if it was cable, restart should not have much of the effect. I am considering switching to 5K XR and selling my 5K+ but I do not want to leave a person with a dying HMD.

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Hi, sorry for the issues. I will get someone to look into your case. If it caused by the cable, we would replace it for you. Thanks.


Just wanted to add: do NOT run over your cable with your chair! I did that one too many times and now I have the white dots, too. It is intermittent, sometimes it’s not even noticeable. New cable incoming, tho. No, I didn’t ask for warranty: not Pimax’s problem that I can’t drive my chair!

Thanks Amy, I received cable and so far problem seems to have been fixed.

One interesting thing is that I had to hard reboot my PC after cable switch, I think USB stack got confused, but after that everything went smooth.


That good, thanks for letting me know.