White SteamVR icons in Pimax Experience

When I started Pimax Experience today all of my SteamVR icons had turned into white rectangles. The white icons still take me to my games when I click on them. The icons are fine for my Oculus, Revie and Viveport games. Has anyone else experienced this and know of a fix other than reinstalling Pitool and PE? I have experienced another condition where the icons vanish completely with nothing at all showing up on the SteamVR screen. Only a complete reinstall by manually deleting all instances of pitool has been able to resolve that one. I was hoping that since the template for the icons is still there this time that there may be a simpler fix.
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Thanks for the report. We investigated it and found out it is caused by PiTool. For some reason, when PiTool is caching the icons, it stores an empty file (zero bytes).

We will implement an alternative mechanism for thumbnails in the future in PE, to eliminate the current dependency on cached PiTool thumbnails.

For now, anyone who encounters this issue, kindly remove the PiTool cache folder under AppData (where PiTool stores the game thumbnails) and restart PiTool.

PiTool game thumbnail cache folder:

Paste it in the Windows Explorer address bar and remove the files.

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Hey @acegamer! I see @arminelec was faster again hehe.

Indeed, we have seen this issue a couple of times. And like Armin just said, this issue is caused by PiTool randomly (quite rare) upon startup. It seems to erase (making then 0kb) and locking access to the thumbnails. Usually that gets fixed if you quit/terminate PiTool and start it up again.

If you look at the screenshot below, you will also see that when this happens, PiTool basically have crashed, and PE cannot reach it through the communication (red HMD icon on top of the PE UI).

The thumbnails which are created by PE itself (like Revive, Viveport and custom Imported games) are not touched and wont have this problem. Its only the thumbnails that PE and PiTool are sharing in the same directory (SteamVR, Oculus).

So far we have only seen this on some of the latest PiTool builds, and I hope it gets fixed by the team upon the next official build. If this issue remains, we will need to separate the thumbnails completely making PE to store the images in its own directory. Which may be a good idea anyway…

Either way, a simple restart of PiTool should fix this issue temporary.

Great, thank you both for the quick response!