Who is happy with the 8KX?

FYI Pimax Experience will do this for you so it is not needed to use this


You’re right.

Yesterday I played the PCars 2 without appling the WFOVFix, and the image quality was the same.

So maybe with the Pimax Experience 0.6 there is no need for the WFOVFix :wink:

Thanks for trying and getting back - saves a bit of experimentation time!

Not only satisfied, but also pleasantly surprised when I try it first time.For everyone who loves VR, this sharpness and FOV is a pleasant surprise. I even have moist eyes. :woozy_face:

the maxrecommendedresolution setting does not get adjusted everytime steamvr starts up unlike the gpuspeed ones so unless the config file is replaced that specific setting shouldn’t degrade over time and it is the one that has influence on in game graphics.

the way to test if the PE sets it is to rename the original steamVr.Vrsettings file then run steamvr to let it create a new one. check to see what the setting is there, then run PE and see if it has changed.

But ideally you shouldn’t need to use WFOVFix if you’re running PE


Content answer,have you join Mid-Autumn Event ??? There seems to be an award。。。。

Yes - big big picture improvement, I was never certain that the 5K XR was in fact an improvement over the 5k+, although I was never able to make a direct comparison. the pixel arrangement and consequentially SDE with reds held the oled implementation back - also my panels were different brightnesses so I never had true full black on my XR.

I just need the proper hinges, the DMAS and the thick foam to arrive to be truly happy with my setup, it’s a holding pattern until then.


Ideally, I’d like it to be much easier to set up the headset for each individual user. Ideally the lenses should adjust IPD and distance to the eye easily and mechanically. E.G A second dial for distance to the eye forward and back, with obvious limits on the absolute proximity allowed.
In a perfect world, the headset would have internal cameras and firmware that measures the parameters and automatically adjusts to a base setting for each user.
I guess that could be done with they eye tracking add on, but were it built into the headset, such a system could provide both eyetracking and auto adjustment.
Just some blue sky dreaming- I don’t know what’s possible, but the above would be very cool.


Changing my mind. I’m not happy with 8kx . My wife doesn’t let me touch it anymore… :wink:


Ok im not sure what is happening but i swear the 8kX is looking better every time i use it.

Last night i decided to try the 5k+ again for the first time since i got the X

in my mind i was telling myself that it wasnt that much better .

All i can say is NOPE. 5k+ is done. its not even close. I cant even believe I thought the 5k+ was decent looking before. I mean it is decent but oh man the 8kx is 2x clearer and more detailed

the image is just clean and i can read text like i was on a monitor.

I need to sell this 5k+ now for sure I refuse to go back.

Too bad the SMAS audio is no good. And I refuse to use the Vive DAS. its on my 5k+ and it was so uncomfortable despite the better audio.


Nice, yeah I was playing HLA again last night (still fighting soft locking UI and saves) and was thinking, ‘properly dialled in 8KX and HLA, that’s genuinely the most next gen gaming thing I’ve seen in years, forget all the other hype this is the real deal’.

If someone hasn’t experienced it properly then they don’t know what they’re missing. But it remains a shame that Pimax continue to throw obstacles in the way to prevent this becoming the true next standard. A lot of people are going to miss it, through no fault of their own.


Had the same experience… :wink:

Doesn’t feel like that much of a difference until You go back… :sunglasses:


Check out @Fresco 8kX posts he modified the Vive DAS speakers to attach to MAS.


I am really not sure if I am happy yet. It is not what I was expecting for sure. Based on reviews, “razor-sharp” and “crystal -clear” claims I had higher expectations. Sweet spot is very small, lots of fiddling with IPD, various settings in PE and SteamVR, kindda heavy on my face, etc. Bigger FOV is nice, but switching between “potato” and “normal” did not make a huge difference for me. I pre-ordered Reverb 2 and will make my decision after it arrives.


Received mine last Saturday. Fiddled a bit with optical set up, but got it sorted, then after 3 hours of usage the right display started flickering/shaking . After a few hours over a few days support put in for an RMA(tech support has been very good) . Apparently Pimax doesn’t issue return shipping labels. Its not a huge deal, but it stings to have to spend 30 bucks to send back a brand new piece of hardware that cost $150 to ship the first time. Now i have to wait again… I was happy with the little bit i was able to use it. I just pray this isnt a foreshadowing of things to come


OMG you where is this?

I was just thinking if this was possible.

Actually I was thinking i would try to attach the original CV1 speakers to the MAS.

EDIT regarding CV1 connection I found something super interesting here

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It’s good to hear your loving your experience. I am completely the opposite the 8KX is the most underwhelming tec I’ve purchased in years. The build quality is shocking my microphone is faulty and I can’t adjust the head strap it’s got bland colours and a muddy picture…mura. I’m just not getting it. Maybe if it cost $400 but at this price??? The customer service demand proof of any problems like your making it up and wasting their time because we all know Pimax never ever have any build issues or failures.

I have the 8k+ and the 8kX. Both behave the same for me in terms of sweet spot and so on. I did find it a bit harder to get the sweet spot. I would guess something with the changed panels in contrast to the 5K+. But if I position the HMD accordingly on my face, I get very good experience, more immersed then with the 5k+.
The 8KX is the best of Pimax, that is for sure. It’s still not perfect and reasons for this sweetspot perception have been discussed (@risa2000 and others often explained it).
If pimax would make a lense mod some time that would be an awesome upgrade - since it is supposedly editable by the user.
And asked in the wish thread more options to adjust it to physiognomy would open it for a wider audience.

In short I love it, best I had, but not perfect - it’s an enthusiasts device :wink::grin:


Here you go. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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Its great to see that the big majority of you in this thread really enjoys your 8KX. Thank you for sharing your opinions! :slight_smile:

Of course, a higher price tag of a high-end technology product creates bigger expectations of “perfection”, which is understandable. But no product is perfect, and the team is working hard to fix the remaining issues and flaws. Meanwhile we are also working on new software features and improvements.

One thing that we have realised over the past months is that the vast majority of reported 8KX image-quality “issues” and inconsistency has been caused by software errors or improper software configuration. Many times SteamVR related but sometimes also Windows/driver/3rd party software related.

Sure, we have had (and occasionally still have) some hardware abnormalities to solve, which actually has been backtracked already to a certain batch, and a big team is currently dedicated to solve these issues and replace these units.

But based on my personal experience working with 8KX the past year, if someone tells me the native 4K image is “muddy”, blurry or not on par with expectations, then Im 99.9% sure and confident to say its software related. When the software configuration is properly setup, there’s no way anyone out there can say the native 4K image is sub-par. And as some of you pointed out, once you’ve experienced the proper 4K image, its almost impossible to go back to previous generations.

Theres no doubt that the biggest and most important thing today is to improve the software/driver side. To make it optimal from day 1 of use. This is why its important for all of us at Pimax to keep working on the software, allow automatic customizations and solutions that optimize the games/platforms for our headsets. Its now all about innovating PiTool, firmwares and of course also the Pimax VR Experience.