Why nobody recieved a pimax 8kx yet?

Its strange that nobody still didnt recieve a pimax 8kx,what is up with this? @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra


What’s strange isn’t the fact that no one received the X, what’s strange is that Pimax is sitting one ‘batch’(Who knows how many that is) of Xs in their office and no one has even had a shipping notification of the X go off in their email.

What’s not strange is the usual Pimax silence when it comes to answering legitimate questions.

Anyways we have about 52hrs left so I hope for Pimax’s sake someone gets a shipping alert.

This is realy unbelievable ,Sorry pimax but your playing with your customers who invested money along long time ago…

48hrs and they will release how many they actually shipped.

Then those people should have a tracking number… so i guess not!

No one has tracking no.s