Will pimax 8k work with PS move?

You can use a ping pong ball for head tracking

I personally found the move tracking to be as flakey as all heck … ended up picking up a rift on craigslist to tide me over until i get both my headset and pimax tracking … although I might pick up some v1 HTC stuff once I get the 8k headset … depends on when we get the 8k I guess

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The latest beta of Driver4vr lets you use a kinect for psmove tracking. Haven’t tried it yet but it looks promising.
It isn’t full 360 yet. The dev is also working on kinect + leap with psmove, I think. But whatever setup you are going for, driver4vr is probably still useful. @CMM driver4vr has improved a lot. The dev has been listening to users a lot and often implements their suggestions, highly recommended.

I use driver4vr with leap and it works great for many games. I won’t use psmove service anymore cos I think it will become obsolete with psmove support in driver4vr.


Going to get an Kinect but should it be the 360 version or One version?

Ordered both just in case.

What’s the best mobile/tablet display for vr to use with riftcat?

I can’t say on that. But Google should have an answer.

General recommendation:

  1. Daydream certified for decent vr specificstion.

Thanks… I just bought a wearality sky… Will test with my s8+ once here

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I am not sure if xbox one kinect works with Pimax, I use xbox 360 kinect. Check the driver4vr forum.

Tracking is shakey for me right now, but I havent updated. And Greg is going to add led tracking soon, which should improve it.

Ill try out the psmove tracking in a short while and get back.

In the meantime, here is proof:

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Thanks foe info! :slight_smile:

Have you tried nolo at all yet?

If so do you like?

Nolo does not work with Driver4VR on my side, well, all is well until an actual button/trigger press.

SteamVR crashes with “VR Server is not running” message.

The SteamVR server log complains about not being able to load vrcompositor_bindings_generic.json.

If it could get past that, it may very well work with Piplay 1.1.92 but even on latest Piplay, it’s the same result for me.

I have just bought kinect one as apparently 360 version isn’t as good.

How do I connect the kinect to my pc? I seen an adapter on Amazon but they want £50 lol

You’re going to have to break into the Kinect and solder a 36W 3A 12v power adapter directly to the PCB:

My Kinect 360 ver is on the way but the One ver.is still being sold for an higher price as if my Buy It Now was ignored…

Good ole Ebay, LOL.

Think I will just buy the official adapter to connect to pc as I can’t solder

How can they charge £100 for an adapter?

Does driver4vr enable you to set nolo bindings?

I tried the latest version last night. Couldn’t get tracking to work properly (realise now that I didnt calibrate the kinect). Will try again tonight. It has been vastly improved. It basically acts as a gui for psmove service, so calibration is much easier, and it all launches automatically.

I spent an hour fixing it first though. If you install the latest beta or update, make sure to uninstall old psmove steam drivers and delete the steamvr.settings file first, or driver4vr will crash.

No button layout reconfig option for the Nolo on my side.

Is it strictly for Bluetooth connected inputs?

I guess so. Same is true with navi, unfortunately.
I am a little lost with the new gui, still working out what it all means.

I did manage to get kinect and psmove working together, in a fashion. Using skeleton tracking and skeleton hand tracking, with psmove service connected and configured, controllers assigned etc, it does work. Problem for me is the positional tracking is so jittery it is unplayable. Psmove controller orientation seems very good though, so hopefully when support for leds on the headset comes out, we will be all set.

Upgrade to kinect 2 instead of 360… Its meant to be much better

I had the choice but the cost of the adapter put me off. Didn’t know about the mod. Now though ill just wait for the led update.

Did the Kinect v2 modification but now must wait for another USB 3.0 PCIE card because the current one gets saturated from the Kinect v2.

No other high bandwidth USB 3.0 devices wants to work after throwing the Kinect v2 into the mix.

During my brief time using it with the Rift CV1, the tracking is way better than the Kinect 360.

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