Will we get a bionic lense and distortion algorithm for our older headsets?

If they want to impress us build an adapter or bionic lense that fits our headset now. Rebuild the distortion profile and let us talk their product up. I hope they deliver on these promises.

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The platforms are too fundamentally different.


Expected, but it is what a lot of “Pimaxians” (lol) have been looking👀 (haha) for since day one. Thanks for keeping our anticipation high. Still believe my kickstarter funds have been my best entertainment value of my life.( in and out of the headset). What a ride,good, bad, and a whole lot of … If i can still apply my funds toward this, Pimax may just grab some more of my funds. I did pick up a 8k+ in addition to my 5k+, now I have to skip the X that I believed I would own someday. INTERESTING TIMES! glad to see a bit of sunshine, real and virtual in such trying times all around the globe. Glad to have been a Pimax fan and looking forward to more.

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@PimaxUSA Can you please link the anti-distortion patent that was talked about in the presentation?
Would be interesting to read. Perhaps then we better understand why it’s not an option with the existing lenses.


If you see distortion your eyes are either too close or not close enough to the lenses.

I had the same problem.
my eyes were too close to the lenses.

the distance distance differs from person to person.


I no longer have issues that present a true problem. The auto ipd will definitely help and new lenses, mabe they nailed it this time.


And considering how many people this affects on Pimax headsets I’m shocked that the 12K design still doesn’t include a forward/back lense depth adjuster like the Vive.

Pimaxes undoing seems to hinge on this one fact for most people.

Peoole who can’t adjust it correctly or refuse to try are the ones who speak the most and thus the reputation is built that Pimax lenses are too distorted for actual usage.

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Why are you shocked?


wait, they are actually doing it? Well i’ll be…