Win 11 - PiTool - 8kX V2.1.255.299 - Flickering @ 90hz

I installed a clean Win 11 and the latest PiTool.
It updated my Firmware (thought mine was the latest 90hz but well).

If i turn on 90hz I get flickering and some color artefects about ever 2 seconds, 75hz is fine
Anybody already also try W11? Or did I mess up the PITool Version?
Driver is the latest NVidia for win 11 - 472.12



i had the same experience today. I didn’t get a firmware update but it flickers even at 90Hz


That happens in win10 too. It is not a Windows issue, it is the combination of Pitool 272 and the automatic firmware flash 299. In some cases manually reflasing the firmware again solves it, it is available separately for download:

Try it and comment if you solve it, in my case I did not solve it by reflasing the firmware. I had to go back to Pitool 270 and firmware 90hz 298


I’ve got flickering and artefacts as well at 90Hz.

Pimax 5k+ (latest firmware)
Windows 11.
Current (latest) nvidia drivers
Tried with both PiTool 272 and 271.

It’s really bad in DCS.

I’ve opened a ticket with Pimax, but nothing concrete in the way of a fix yet.
(they need a video of it happening, which is quite hard to produce)

Its weird because the FPS stays ok (in DCS, 60-70) but the screen tears and stutters when moving the headset. This is with all forms of motion compensation turned off (Steam and PiTool) but its like it does some laggy reprojection when moving.


8KX@90HZ was working for me on W10.
I upgraded to W11 two days ago, and now I can’t get rid of the artefacts…


I have the same problem with 75Hz and Elite Dangerous. I had to turn the resolution down.
Today I want to test whether it is possibly related to the GPU hardware acceleration in Win11

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so i have tested ed. with the win11 features hardware accelerated gpu planning and variable update rate i have a complete ripping of the pictures with the same fps. Without these things everything runs smoothly even at 90 Hz


Thanks for your feedback @all I guess we need to use Matze’s way until they update the drivers or pitool and fw again.

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Oh yeah, exactly what I had in mind but could not recall - damn, and thanks for the reminder and link!!!
I hope pimax gets a package together that gives the “simple” users the chance to get the correct versions together without an intense forum study - pitool experience is also not the last release that is “bundeld” with the website pitool.

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I just went into dcs - extrem tearing and flickering @75hz

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Where did you get 272? I’m still running on 271, never saw anything about an update.


Same, Turning off Hardware Accelerated GPU fixed it for me.


Wow this simply eliminates the ghost screen issue of my headset. Cool.


Yeah, the Turn On or Off Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling in Windows 11 | Windows 11 Forum fixed that for me too


I have the ghosting problem in DCS and IL2 with the 1/2 or 1/3 on with windows 10 and my Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling has been always off.