Windows 10 updates and PiTool performance

Just a friendly reminder to people who might be experiencing 30% drop in performance with PiTool after a Windows 10 Update or on Windows 10 in general. There seems to be a bit of CPU consumption going towards Windows 10 Telemetry process.

A good sure fire way to deal with the performance overhead Windows 10 Telemetry zaps is to use O&O Shutup

Just using the recommended settings can make quite a difference in PiTools performance and minimizes spiking through SteamVR as a result.

Without it, I was getting spiking in SteamVR, stuttery performance in VR and near 30% drop in FPS performance. Applying recommended settings in O&O Shutup after the recent Windows 10 update with a reboot returned PiTool back to smooth sailing.

Unfortunately needs to be applied after each large Windows 10 update.


I have been using Spybot Anti-Beacon for quite some time. Shuts down much of Windows Telemetry.


Ah interesting thanks. I was wondering why I’m seeing a performance drop in Elite despite not updating PiTool since .129 and Nvidia since 431.60 (~July). The game hasn’t had any updates, so I was thinking something in Win10 might be responsible

I’ve been a Spybot fan for a long time but will need to look at the Anti-Beacon feature

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Just a question though. If I leave everything the same and go back to 144 everything is good again…

That’s not really a question. If you are asking why 144 has better performance on your system, then it’s because Pimax engineers are working on the code (duh).

Basically, adding features, fixing bugs, and (even) optimizing the code can introduce slowdowns. That last one might not be obvious, but optimizations are tricky, code that is faster on (say) 80% of PCs might run more slowly on the remaining PCs (due to differences in number of cores, thermal limits, max clock-rate, mem speed, etc.).

this had a surprisingly huge effect on my performance in No Man’s Sky VR. i’m running a 2080 Ti and i just assumed that my i7-6700K was not good enough for the game but after using that shutup10 app, it was incredibly smooth (with the exception of the Nexus of course). I’m on Pitool 144.


I will try this, thank you for the information!

Found the recent update with glorious Microsoft Phone Home software (Telemetry) was giving me issues on both PiTool and

This is what led me to dig deeper and sure enough, Telemetry process was driving my cpu at 25 to 30% and causing consistent lag spikes in SteamVR.

Although annoying that I have to run O&O Shutup after each large MS Windows update, what I like about that program is is is not needed to run constantly in the background unlike some other Spyware monitor programs.


Thanks everyone… I will be looking into this

thank you for discovering that and sharing!

You were getting LH spikes even when not running a game but just in steamvr home?

Not using SteamVR home but when in VR game, continual spiking. In game, stutter with headset movement and the one eye flickering randomly.

Now back to normal smooth operation.

Non VR CPU usage was quite high when nothing was running just Windows 10 started to desktop with Task Manager open.

Also, unparking my CPUs helped a wee bit (maybe 5-10%)