Wireless Module CES 2021

I’ve been doing some searching about the Wireless Module, and I saw someone comment on a post about CES 2021 saying that Pimax would be showing off their Beta Wireless Module. Is this true? I would love to see some footage of it in action.

I dont think Pimax showed anything at ces this year…

It says they had a digital showcase on the CES website and there was a whole discussion about peoples hopes/expectations on here. Idk though

Funny i looked on that CES site during the show and could not find Pimax anywhere. They even had a coupon to save $$ on accessories if you visited their CES page but when I went to check it out there was nothing.

Pretty sure we got Rick Rolled.


Generally tech companies decided not to show new products at CES this year. Most new things really do benefit from the amazing “Hands-On” opportunities that CES provides each year.

I’ve attended CES each year for over 30 years (and Comdex when that existed too if anyone remembers that one) and it’s an amazing showcase to try out new tech. So many new things got their launch at CES and of course many products fizzled out at CES too.

The beauty of a normal CES as a company is you get the chance for mass feedback on products from industry veterans, media and consumers all in one place. The amount of info you get out of it is amazing.

The time leading up to a normal CES is also quite important as it acts as a focal point to determine what will get shown and what is not strong enough to show. This CES didn’t have any of that “flavor” because all the vendors showed videos, images and produced content as opposed to the hands-on stuff.

I’m sure next year it will be back to it’s roots and capture the magic of CES once again that I love.

PS: There are a lot of events that hopefully will take place later this year that can make good showcase platforms.


Why is it so hard to say “Not this year”
When you give a multi paragraph response with such little info I feel like I just read myself in a circle.
I don’t mean to be rude it’s just, you typed all of that without ever directly answering my question lol.
Thanks for the update, looking forward to when we can see some hardware for the Wireless Module.

Are the Pimax Sword controllers launching with both trackpad and joystick options available? I read about the option to mix and match so I was wondering.


There is a reason companies typically don’t comment on products going through engineering cycles. You don’t see Valve commenting on new index controllers, headsets or accessories, same for other companies. This is largely because of the random nature of development and while we do have internal timelines for a variety of items it’s best not to get into specifics until the expected release dates are solid.

Also I would add that projects involving 3rd parties also require their approval to get into timelines.

All I can say is we and our partners are working on a variety of things and most of our internal engineering resources are dedicated to the controllers at this time.


This is a concise response, and my favorite response from you yet. I appreciate the detail provided in how you can’t really reveal much until they are ready. I may want the wireless module, and bad… But if I’m getting a solid picture here, it seems like once you have controllers out, you will be able to focus more power on things that haven’t been completed.

Am I following correctly?

Except Pimax did comment, in fact they said specifically they were going to be at ces this year. Then in typical pimax fashion they went completely radio silent and ghosted all of us leaving a ton of speculation and the usual let down.


Did anyone watch the Pimax virtual CES show? Was Pimax simply showcasing the 8KX or did the event get cancelled last minute?

I tried every day to watch it but all I got was an error. The ces website straight up just did not work. Got no response on the forums either so I guess pimax didn’t seem to care all that much.

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You probably didn’t pay an entrance fee. xD

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