WMR controllers via hand tracking module

Is it possible to implement WMR controllers through the hand tracking module?

Not sure. If Wmr controllers don’t need headset cams to have basic functions work(joystick and buttons) maybe. But wouldn’t recommend buying them if you don’t own any.

Some users in the past have used single hand controllers with HT that are often marketed as vr controller for phones.

Like this one

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I have controllers Samsung WMR buttons are controlled by a bluetooth adapter, the position of the cameras in the helmet, the Pimax tracking module has 2 cameras, how to implement tracking, can someone have information on the topic)

The tracking module would track your hands while buttons and joysticks used on the controller for non tracked motion

@Pimel may have more details from his post here using Driver4vr

PIMAX 4K + Leap Motion + Free head motion Tracking

lol… i have these

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Are they working properly?

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they do work…yes. But maybe not so well for vr

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Wow that was 4 years ago back when I was wirelessly beaming tridef 3d video to my phone in a cardboard haha. I like my 8KX better


It is absolutely not possible to implement WMR tracking via the Pimax handtracking module. As in, zero chance for that to happen.

My memory is long. Though had thought it was @jonnypanic that had the leap + hand controller setup.

It was Pimax 4K 3dof times then, I’m sure lots of us were messing around with options

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Indeed I remember @crony was heavy in using OSVR with the 4k utilizing I believe even LHes

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