Woojer haptic headstrap

Bringing immersive haptic technology to your head!


Not gonna lie, that doesn’t look comfortable.


Nice idea, maybe you or someone else could start a kickstarter campaign to get something similar only more refined going. Haven’t seen if anything similar exists. Doe’s it work with sound or is their some sdk that works? Sorry its hard for me to see exactly what this is.

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Its intended to be painful. LOL

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Its the woojer strap and its sound activated. Nothing you would want to play extended time with but it did make an explosion interesting.

Makes me wonder why they didn’t incorporate hatics to the headset. Would be cool if someone finished you with a headshot.

Does it emulate choking a bitch out?

Just played space pirate trainer and its alot better then you may think! Cant wait for my woojer ryg to show up any day.