Woojer Haptic Vest 2020

My woojer has shipped and Im not excited why?

I need opinions.

Its been a roller coaster of doubt for me as in the 9 months since i backed this alot has changed in this space.

First A little backstory,

The only reason I backed this was back in sept/oct I started really getting into beat saber and i think Pistol Whip had just come out.

I heard alot of praise from Zimtok from FReality about how much he loved his subpac m2x.

Having experience with bass shakers , (I own buttkickers, and wont play sims without them) I know how immersive rumble can be.

So i backed the woojer vest + strap.

around Jan i started having doubts as to whether or not this was really worth it, as in hind sight it was a lot of money and I started watching videos of people who had previous bersions of the strap and vest.

In particular there was a guy who had several videos where he used the vest on his playstation 4 and his impressions after a year with the device.

It started to give me doubts because the hook up process seemed far from convenient.

So I bought a subpack M2(not the wearable X variant) used off of kijiji for cheap to get a taste of what Zimtok5 was talking about and man. I was Not impressed.

Anyway more recently it seems the haptic vest that is the best on the market is the BHaptics which everyone seems to be talking about.

Whats really interesting about the bHaptics is that it is programmable by devs and has an sdk. Its not just a simple audio shaker.

Even so, after seeing Mike from VR Oasis play a mod for Alyx that is actually programmed to specifically give you proper feedback I left thinking that I could really take or leave it.

The only thing i can think of why the Wooner vest might be cool, is that unlike the M2X , it has 7 transducers in stereo across the front and back.

However, I cant find any information on whether they have an sdk or are even programmable, so it seems like its going to be just a glorified “Aurora Interactor from the 90’s”

Honestly, I’ve never been so unhappy to recieve news that my pledge had shipped because I wonder if I should leave it unopened and just flip it on kijiji for what I paid for it.

Or at the very least maybe I should try it out to see if my fears are valid and its a waste of money.

I think i’ll probably keep the strap if it works because maybe it can be cool to feel punches in Creed.

What do you think, am I over thinking this?
Am I expecting too much?
I see @DrWilken said he backed one, are you also having doubts?

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Ive just looked and see a bunch of new reviews are up on these, I guess people are getting them now as well.

I dont even know what the difference is wetween the old vest strap and the new one. I really should have done more research before backing this.

Reviews on amazon on the old vest seem worrying.

Funny thing is the specs of he old version seem the exact same as the new one, is it the same?

When I was looking this up 9 months ago I had cone across reviews of thr strap from users who had it a year prior, and yet Ive never seen a single VR channel mention it in the last two years. Is it that unpopular?

Yes… The answer is always yes here (I do it too)… :smiley:

Possibly, yes. My brother in law is very happy about his SubPac M2 though (which he’s had for a year+) and as I mention in the linked thread, I’m happy with the Woojer Edge Strap (it’s not mind blowing but it adds a little and it’s easy to use, compared to other VR accessories)… :slight_smile:

Received the Edge Strap already, and it’s OK for the price I paid but I would not recommend paying full retail price for it. It simply doesn’t add enough to the experience to be worth IMHO (seriously, 250$ for a “shaker” on a strap?).

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hands down best review i’ve found on the new woojers.

not sure if his eyes are a side effect.

Ill have to try the trick he was saying about using OBS to mirror instead of voice meeter.

Have you tried it with games like knockout league, or creed?

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Only watched the Strap part so I might have missed something, but it seems he talks mostly about using it for listening to music which I’ve also tried but really didn’t feel was that great… Maybe it works if it’s techno or rap or something like that…? :grin:

I hope not… :grin:

Nope. Not yet… :wink:

There’s a part in there where he talks about the Vest for gaming in general and also VR. And that he absolutely thinks it increases immersion for that.

1 more question abuot the strap. when placed over your chest do you feel like it’s too much. i’m concerned a bit about having a magnetic subwoofer on my chest.

(and no i dont have a pacemaker lol)

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Nope. It doesn’t bother me at all and the strength is adjustable separately from the audio output (from the built-in jack)… :slight_smile:

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