Woojer haptic vest

Woojer haptic vest

Thank you so much!

I have inquired them about wireless connectivity and they gave me these hints:

For PC - you can use PC’s Bluetooth, external Bluetooth transmitter with 3.5mm input or external USB Bluetooth transmitter.

For PS4 - you can use a USB dongle, like Creative’s. You cal also use an HDMI audio extractor and connect it to a Bluetooth transmitter.

For PS4 with optical output / XBOX: You can use a Bluetooth transmitter with optical input.

As for the headphones: You can connect your headphones directly to the Vest or pair them to the Bluetooth transmitter in parallel to the Vest (if you’re using BT headphones). This applies to dual-link Bluetooth transmitters only.

Have you tried any of these methods ?

Also, I backed the Vest Edge and I am wondering if the vest pro would be still worth having along with the Vest Edge, or it is like having twice the same device ?


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I dont think wireless is the best way to use the woojer vest for gaming if you need to use the Mic.
I had conversations with the woojer devs.
I wanted to have aptx ll working with headphones & Mic.
It was hard getting the info out of them, but turns out you can’t.
They do not have v5.0 dual transmitters in the vest & they do not have their own pairing dongles to connect. That speaks for itself.
They also never confirmed exactly which dongles they tested. Just pointed me at ones “like what they tested”
I bought 4 different Bluetooth transmitters & receivers & had limited success.
The only ones I had Mic working with, gave lag & lower mic quality.

If you didn’t need a Mic, you may get one working with aptx ll though.
I think I had it working without noticeable lag.

In the end I just bought a usb extension & use it plugged in.
You can actually plug it in to a vr headset usb port to have it wireless, but this never worked well with pimax headsets.
It had an odd side effect where it caused the headset to lose tracking.
Not sure why or if it ever got fixed, but my vive pro never had that issue.


Not sure on the new models I would be interested in trying them but doubt they would be much different then each other. I have tried all the connection types except console. I never got Bluetooth to pc to work but did to my phone. I always plug it in though with 3.5 or usb found it was a hassle to sync and the level is best by usb.

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Thanks! Would it be the same with the new vest that they are building and that some of us backed ? I am a backer


Marco Did you see this episode

The conclusion is that haptic with audio is not good enough

and VR games does not support woojer.

For me Tactsuit is interesting.


I’m not sure but I would think, if they don’t provide their own dongle, then it’s probable it would be the same.
Dont get me wrong, wireless does work & it worked fine playing music from my phone.
You can use 3.5mm audio out or usb from the hmd to pass to the vest, which is pretty much untethered.
It’s just it seemed I couldn’t have it all at once via Bluetooth ie… low lag, full surround, quality mic pass through etc…
Plugging in via usb cable generally gave me a full functional, lag free plug & play solution which worked with everything.


Honestly I think you should like the vest.
The only thing I thought was it seemed too expensive for what it was.
I dont think that woojer or any of these vest manufacturers are overcharging, just that currently it’s not that cheap to produce them, the market is not huge & we are paying the early adopter price.

Don’t expect a ready player 1/teslasuit experience.
I dont think any mainstream game developers are going to add any location specific stuff for any of these vests, any time soon.
In my opinion maybe in 5+ years we will see this more.
But using haptic feedback from sound isn’t bad & works with pretty much everything, so it’s not a bad experience while we wait.


Got it. I agree. Just hoping it would work fully wireless and with full functionality. I can’t stand the wires of the headsets and of the vest.

What their support told me in terms of wireless connectivity , does not work for your vest model?

By the way, I have an hardlight vest and the company went bankrupt. I think there is a mod to use with skyrim but never tested it .

Ciao Fabrizio. Yes, I saw that video and that is why i was then not convinced about that vest


What can you expect from a woojer:

  • more general immersion because of feeling the lower frequencies like in a dance club.
  • tactical advantage in most games because you can „feel“ the enemies near by often before you see them, also the direction from where the enemy strikes.
  • in general all features that are transported via low frequency sound

and what not:

  • precise feel of contact at specific body regions
  • distinguishable features like raindrops, bullets, winds, explosions, etc.
  • in general all features which are not able to be transcoded into low frequency sound and/or need support of the game/application

Nevertheless, the plus in immersion is very noticeable. Both in flat and even more in vr games. If it is worth the money? Hmm, for me a clear Yes! For others probably not.


The hope is that more modders would do this. I have this vest but not tried the modding

We might have the hardware but games not supporting the features of the hardware


Looks like overkill to me.
But good luck! I know you like thinkering :slight_smile:


I am not capable to do that. :frowning:

Just hoping that games would start natively supporting all the hardware we buy. (Ie. Hardlight vest, woojer, bhaptic, teslasuit etc.)

Ps: i was able to make wireless the harlight vest and other hardware i have. Never tested the above modding of the game to make the game compatible with the suit.

For sure having plug and play hardware is best. I hear you about that


Anybody got the bHapticts Tactsuit vest ? How is the experience ? And which other games than those 12 or so mentioned on their website (which incl. Skyrim & Fallout 4 via Mods, plus The Thrill of the Fight also on Quest but otherwise not so exciting games)?

The are offering 20% discount on their webshop (but you have to add shipping & taxes/custom duties)…

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I have a Reddit poster asking about how these work for women and their ‘extra padding’: can your wife provide some input?
If you don’t mind, you can either answer here and I’ll relay or you can reply to her here: https://www.reddit.com/r/virtualreality/comments/gnzkh1/bhaptics_suit_as_a_woman/



I don’t have it yet but they’re supposed to be sending me one in a couple of months for a review on my channel… Now I think I might reach out to Woojer as well and see if they would be interested in doing a comparison! [;]-)


I think the worth will mostly depend on support in a large number of popular games. Ideally, support would be added directly to popular game engines, like Unreal and Unity, so that the game developers need to do as little as possible for it to “just work”.


It just works with any audio. Maybe not as location specific as some might want but directional as the sound is left to right in the games. Played through HL Alyx two times now and will not play it without the Vest. I use the usb off the pimax. It adds a greater level of of tension and excitement to the game. I tried without it and just simply had to put it on. I couldn’t enjoy it without it. For many may not be worth the price but I’m completely satisfied with my investment now that Alyx happened. Now just waiting for someone to bring things to the next level again!


No problems with extra padding. Its one size fits all and is very accommodating. My wife said people that enjoy gamming and VR should enjoy it. She is not very into any of it. She enjoys the “Pearl” short story and has used the vest during it as well.


If anyone is interested, I have a 1 time used Woojer Vest I’m looking to sell.