Woojer - is it worth getting it?

Woojer - is it worth getting it?

Just backed the strap. I think the vest is too expensive… :+1::wink:

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Me too :slight_smile: pledged for the strap since I can use it for more stuff. Now In-Ear gonna be fun at stage again.

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As far as anyone know, is there any similar vest that it is possible to buy now?

I mean, the above verst or strap is a kickstarter, and all the kickstarter i have backed have been delayed or had issues or whatever , dalaying the fulfilling of the project for months and months and months.

How about what is already on the market to buy and that does the same as what advertised in the kickstarter?

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There’s a few of them:

They already have a strap/vest for sale, which confused me when you first posted this. It also seems odd that they would kickstart the ‘v2’.

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I like the idea of woojer since it is a realistic aproach to things how they are YET from a technical stand point.
Location based haptical feedback is something that strongly relies on the implementation of developers. It great but naive to count on that.
Sourround + Stereo is already part in almost every game thougj, so getting that feel of direction + Bass sub is something that will add to every game/video out of the box.
I been testing loads of high-end body frenquency bass equipment but they were far too expensive + not mobile.
So if woojers products are just half as good as claimed, it’s gonna be a nice bang for the buck.

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The V2 (edge series) is a consumer orientated product, meaning cheaper than V1. They claimed increasd power of the basses though with less heat.
V2 vest has 6 and V1 has 8 therefore the V1 vest is still more expensive. I don’t see a reason for the more expensive V1 since there are hardly native 7.1 games out there + direction of bass frequencies are much harder to spot anyways.
Therefore I went with the strap which is cheaper and much more versatile

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Having the the audio/surround is crucial for these haptic ‘wearables’, as you pointed out relying on the devs to support directional feedback isn’t going to happen.

I made a knockoff ‘strap’ using a bluetooth amplifier and a couple of Dayton pucks. The amount of feedback was immense/overwhelming. I had plans to do a front/back channel, but other projects took priority.


Good to know, I saw the retail price of the ‘edge’ and found it odd it was cheaper(but they’ve done the r&d/could have better resources). I agree with the limiting the low frequency channels, I think 4 channel(F/B/L/R) is more than enough.


Yeah it think the early bird 99$ is a steal.
I gig a lot with the Axe FX which is a high end Amp Modeler. In Combination with my Ultimate Ears UE 11 I have an amazing sound that still keeps me healthy. But In-Ears are lacking that awesome Ooomph that normal Amps have, got used it though + way less equipment to carry.
If the strap just adds a small taste of that Oomph I’ll be happy. (I can stick my wireless stuff on that strap as well)
And I can turn off my subwoofers at night without pissing off my neighbours.
For those purposes one bass transducer will be sufficient.
And simply having a body rumble + bass when playing eg FPS will be fun too.
I like the idea of the vest but I’m no fan of getting…dressed…before playing since VR setup is already a bit time consuming.

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I own a hardlight vest suit that is a waste because it is a dead product.

I do not see in the short term any compatibility of games with haptic feedback suits, especailly for vr games.

Also forget about older games being compatible with haptic feedback.

I am just looking at a wireless solution that would just make us feel the audio of the game, on our body, in form of vibration, understanding the fact that the vibrations would not be localized to specific part of the body based on the gameplay because of the nonexistence compatibility of games to such devices.

I would like to avoid to back another project to then wait for months to receive the actual hardware.

I would like to enjoy the gameplay with the hardware, now, not in months or 1 year from now :frowning:

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Am i correct that the kickstarter version of the vest (the vest edge) costs less than the version that is on sale on their website (the vest version) because the input is not multichannel and the haptic output is not location specific ?

It seems like the strap is marketed/best suited for audio monitoring, and definitely worth it(my knock-off time investment didn’t offset the savings) for the feedback/convenience.

What got me into the idea of making the strap/vest was the opening theme of Skyrim, I thought “where’s the bass/this (experience) needs a transducer”. I have a long enough process making sure everything is working for my sim rig, I wouldn’t want to add ‘suiting up’:laughing:

It’s a shame nobody has done anything with the open source code. If I owned one, I would try to get audio to ‘trigger’ the feedback.

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Not exactly… Stereo is basically location (as the sound is locked to objects naturaly at least Left and Right) based. While 7.1 of course is more precise (more locations), hardly any game got native 7.1
So it will kinda guess to fill the gaps just like upmixes of Dolby Sourround.
While the idea of 7.1 is great, it’s of little use like other solutions if they are not standard. With Stereo though, it will just work at least with everything. Seems though they made it work 360 degrees, I guess they use sort of Pro Logic idea for that.

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@noro What does it mean though that the haptic is not location specific? I have a feeling that the kistrter “vest edge” would just give a generic vibration to our torso from any game without distinction . I mean like it would all vibrate instead of vibrating only a part feom where the noise is coming. Am i wromg ?

Also, what do you think about this vest ?


I wish i would know how to make the hardlight suit work with just the sound input. It was also meant for that but they stopped the implementation of that.
Also the hardlight vest vibration feels pretry low

“real” haptic specific is if let’s say a gun shot is fired and the game would send a command to the vest depending on the direction from where the shot was fired from. This would to be needed to be implemented by the game devs though and since there is no standard for that kinda stuff as of yet, it’s going to be unlikely to work satisfactory.
A eg. gun shot though will usually generate a panned lower frenquency signal/sound, meaning the direction will be recognisable if it comes from left/right or even behind you.
Only letdown is if lets say there is other boomy/bassy stuff happening at the same time you will loose the haptic direction feeling and it may feel like a overall vibration.
This is usually a rare case for my games though.

Yep. Got that, since i see the problem with the hardlight vest i have. Very few games are compatible with the vest and hence , the vest becomes useless. That is also true for the vr gloves that advertise force feedback or other vr hardware like the tesla suit.

But the question that comes to my mind is what is stated by woojer when mentioning “haptic output” : “location specific” vs “stereo”.

What is the practical difference in the vests in terms of feeling?

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Ok. Now i have it clear.